#beardpact Day 2: Grumpy People with Itchy Necks


How much did last night suck?  True story:  Peter and Ian had a big fight about writing the game recap.  Peter was too grumpy to write it, and Ian was too grumpy to put up with Peter’s hissy fit.  Today, they exchanged LOLcats and everything seems fine again.  For now.

Is the change of mood due to the Caps’ pathetic overtime loss, or is something more sinister behind it?  Could it be that our nascent facial hair is turning us into hyper-masculine, moody bastards?  The intention of #beardpact was to create levity and togetherness among Caps fans, but it may have gone awry.  Let’s take this time to redouble our efforts.  No change from yesterday: sixteen wins stand between our team and glory.  Within that increment there must be a lot of dudes with itchy necks and annoyed girlfriends/wives/platonic opposite-sex companions.

Let’s check in with the RMNB staff, all of whom could use a hug today.

Imperator Ian Oland has a long way to go.


Wordsmith Peter “Neckbeard” Hassett‘s anger is 50% last night’s loss and 50% wanting to shave.


Vegas oddsmakers have math-man Neil Greenberg‘s odds of bailing on #beardpact before Monday at 80%.


Please share words of encouragement below.  Neil is clearly way ahead, but unhappy about it.  Ian is in dead last place, and Peter is going to two weddings in the next week.  Help is needed!

Parade of Stubble!

dyz Thornbury is thankfully using a much less creepy picture than last time.

rtr-day2 Brother blogger RockTheRed is sideways, but looking manly.

day2-k RMNB associate/bad photographer Stevie K ‘s beard will scary soon.

x2_11bbb06 @raveygirl17 spites me, doing that fake moustache thing I hate.

87134465 @capsforthecup proves that paper goat > fake moustache every time.

87158778 @Darbish is the example to which we must all aspire.  *Applause*

If you’re growing a playoff beard, get thee to Beard-A-Thon with the quickness.  Then post your pictures on Twitter with the hashtag #beardpact, so that we may congratulate/mock you.  Other playoff desiderata include fingernails, dyed hair, piercings, jewelry, and anything else you can think of.

Take one for the team, guys.  Tomorrow is another day.  It may be itchy, but we don’t have to lose!

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  • Darbish

    Note that that isn’t just 2 days of through, I’m not that awesome. 🙂

  • Darbish

    Wow, major typo, 2 days of *growth*, I mean.

  • jenna

    I foolishly dyed my hair dark brown a week before the playoffs — I don’t know what I was thinking. But my nails are red. I do what I can, lol.

    Keep with the #beardpact! You make a difference 🙂

  • Darbish

    S’right, Jenna, you’re with us in spirit. Could you maybe #rootpact? 🙂

    Fortunately, I’m blessed with a fiery red beard to contrast my dirty blond hair.

  • Billy

    Let us bow our heads in a sip of our beer:

    Our Capitals, who art in Washington
    Solid be thy goaltending
    Thy Cup will come,
    Thy penalty kill will be done,
    At Verizon as it is in Montreal.
    Give us this day our real Ovie
    And forgive him for his last game,
    As we have forgiven Theo for last year.
    And lead us not into frustration,
    But deliver us a 5 game series.
    For thyne Red Rocking cheerleaders are my glory,
    Power play, hat trick, and wings for all,
    Rock the Red, Unleash the Fury, and Vic-tory


    LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!