Rejoice! Samantha Casey, Miss Virginia USA, is a Big Caps Fan.

Samantha Casey, Miss Virginia USA. RMNB Interviews the Capitals Most Beautiful Fan.

While you’re Rocking the Red at the Verizon Center during this playoff season, you might accidentally run into such esteemed ticket-holders as David Gregory from NBC’s Meet The Press, Pat Sajak from The Wheel of Fortune or even Redskins’ TE Chris Cooley. But RMNB thinks there’s one more famous Caps Fan you should now keep your eyes on the lookout for. Her name is Samantha Casey.

A 21 year old Business Administration major at the College of William & Mary, Casey is a bit of a multi-tasker. Not only is she heavily consumed with getting her degree – which has a concentration on Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Samantha also manages to promote student diversity at the campus through a multicultural organization called ColorBlind, co-founded the development of the Student Chamber of Commerce & has tried to increase awareness about child-sex trafficking through promotional activities for Love146, a non-profit dedicated to prevent international child sex slavery and exploitation.

But really, that’s only the beginning.

Samantha Casey is also the current Miss Virginia USA, and will be competing in Donald Trump’s Miss USA 2010 pageant LIVE in Las Vegas on Sunday, May 16th on NBC at 7 pm (please support her on Facebook here). Along with her title, there are certain duties she must perform as well such as doing autograph signings, answering fan mail, doing magazine cover photo shoots & oh yeah, a reality TV Show (the first couple episodes of which are up here).

The crazy part is that Samantha does all of this while still maintaining a 3.7 grade point average at one of the most demanding colleges in the nation. But what has us in love with the stunningly beautiful Casey is not her schedule, but the fact that she manages to squeeze Caps games and practices into it while living an hour and a half away in Jeffersonton, Virginia. We dig the dedication!

Recently after befriending the blonde-hair, green-eyed beauty queen from the Virginia heartland, we asked if we could do a Q/A with her so that Caps fans could get to know her better and also learn more about her upcoming May Cover of Northern Virginia Magazine with Mike Green and Nicklas Backstrom – which has recently been profiled on Capitals Red Line. Thankfully, she agreed.

So below the fold learn more about the Capitals most beautiful fan, enjoy the gripping trailer of the reality tv show she participated in & find out what she thinks the chances are for the Capitals to win the cup! And oh yeah, one last thing, sorry for all the pictures I’ve included in here, but I think you’ll understand once you see them.

Our Samantha Casey Q/A

Q. How did you become a Caps fan? Was it Brooks Laich’s eyes or are you just into on-ice violence?

A. Haha! That’s a tough question– how do I choose between the two of those?! Actually, I owe my love for the Caps to the shoot I had with Nick Backstrom and Mike Green for the upcoming May cover of the Northern Virginia Magazine (check out the behind the scenes video here). They were both so down-to-earth and sweet, which was very refreshing. I was asked to one of the games and of course after experiencing what I like to call the “Red Fever,” I instantly fell in love with the game and even more so with the Capitals.


Q. Have you been to a lot of games?

A. Yes, I actually have been to a lot of games recently, I’m hooked!
[Ed Note: These were her seats last game.]


Q. Did you have a chance to see the President’s Trophy a few weeks ago? What was that like?

A. I did get a chance to see the President’s Trophy and it is INCREDIBLE! I think I might try to convince Donald Trump (he owns the Miss USA Pageant) to give the winner one of those instead of a crown. Of course, it may be a little more difficult for the winner to bring with her to the events and appearances.


Q. You went to two Caps games last weekend, but in the only photograph we saw, you were wearing a blue dress! We trust you have enough red clothes to rock. Do you have a Caps jersey or any Caps shirts? Dress code is very important to us.

A. I can’t believe you caught me! I actually was wearing a yellow shirt, which was even worse because it was the Bruins game. I was wearing their colors! But I have a legitimate excuse: I was invited to the game last minute, and I didn’t have a red shirt with me (I live about an hour and a half away). Of course I ran into everyone I knew at that game and they gave me a hard time, but I deserved it. I would have done the same thing if I saw someone dressed like me!


Q. Who’s your favorite player?

A. I think we have some great players on this team, so it’s hard to choose just one! I’m looking at buying myself a jersey right now and am having a hard time choosing which number and name I want! [Ed. Note: Let us know which jersey Samantha should buy in the comments below. We’ll pass your opinions along to her!]


Q.As you stated above, you did a photoshoot with Mike Green and Nick Backstrom for Northern Virginia Magazine . We hope they were gentlemen. Can you tell us more about the shoot?

A. I had such a great time! I have to admit; I didn’t really know anything about them before the shoot, which is unlike me because I follow just about every other sport. I’ve caught up on hockey in the meantime. Nick and Mike were so humble and kind-hearted. I have to give them credit because they definitely handled the whole hair and makeup situation well. They were good sports about it.


Q. We read that you’re involved with a group called Love146. Can you tell us about it?

A. I am so glad that you asked me about this because this is actually the reason that I got involved with Miss Virginia USA in the first place. Love146 is an organization that helps to prevent child sex trafficking and exploitation around the world. Their mission is incredible and this is an issue that NEEDS to be stopped. I think if anyone were to spend 5 minutes watching the videos on the Love146 website they would see why I am so passionate about this organization. Please do!


Q. What’s the significance of the 146?

A. There is an incredible video that talks specifically about this.  Check it out below!

Q. We saw on Twitter that you’re on a reality show? Can you tell us more about that?

A. Haha, yea I was. Definitely not something I ever expected to do, but it was in my contract and honestly I had a great time. I’m not a huge reality show “watcher,” so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it was a blast. The show is called “B Girls” which is I like to think is open for interpretation (laughs), but really the “B” is supposed to stand for, I think, “Beauty.” Pretty much the story line is that 7 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA contestants went to Vegas and lived in a house for a week and half doing different competitions, etc. I’m really not a person that gets caught up in drama, which from what I’ve heard reality shows normally love, so I probably didn’t add too much excitement to the show. I am definitely competitive, however, so it was a lot of fun. Plus, the girls were wonderful and well I can’t complain because after all we were in Vegas!

Q. You were Miss Virginia Teen USA in 2006 and now you’re Miss Virginia USA. Congratulations, by the way. What are the perks?

A. I know that probably looking at this question most people would think I’m a big “pageant queen,” but that’s really not me, and anyone who knows me would say the same. What I enjoy about pageants are the opportunities they give you. They really force to become comfortable and confident in your own skin. What I mean by that is – you have to convince a panel of judges that you are the one that deserves the title. Not to mention you have to walk on national television in nothing but heels and a bikini. And if you make the top five, you have to answer a question in front of a live, national audience and have no idea what the question will be. After Teen USA I was given incredible opportunities to pursue acting and modeling, but I decided to take the college route instead because academics are important to me and thus went to William and Mary. I decided to go back and compete for Miss USA this year because I was so moved by the Love146, and I knew from my past experience as Miss Virginia Teen USA that I could really make a difference with and for the organization.


Q. Got any plans for May 16th?

A. The Miss USA 2010 pageant! It will be LIVE at the Performing Arts Theatre, located at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on Sunday, May 16th Live on NBC at 7 pm (ET).


Q. In your opinion, what are the chances the Caps will win the Cup this year?

A. I think they have a great chance of winning! They were really close last year, and they know exactly what to expect in the post-season. I honestly believe this is our year! LET’S GO CAPS!!!


Q. Is that better or worse than your chances to win the crown? Or are they both a sure thing?

A. I honestly have no idea if I am going to win or not; no one does. The difference between my competition and their competition is that my fate is in the hands of celebrity judges that only get to see us compete for a very short period of time, whereas with the Stanley Cup the team that plays best wins. With that said, I reiterate the fact that I believe the Caps will win because I truly do believe they are the most talented team with the hardest working players, this year is the year!


  • Sherry

    Nice interview, Samantha seems down to earth herself, this will come as no shocker to any of you and i’ve already told her this myself but of course i recommend a Mike Green jersey. LOL

  • S.

    She seems like a great girl, but you don’t really mention that up until a month ago she had never seen a hockey game. she’s the most beautiful newest Caps fan. Props for mentioning the non-profit work. Good for you.

  • Peter

    My policy on late-arriving fans is the same as tardy partygoers at a keg drain: the more the merrier!

  • BobbyG

    Thanks for the article.

    I’m relieved to find out she’s not Ovie’s latest girlfriend, LOL.

  • Lynn

    Sam is a great representative for VA. She’s also the 2nd recent Miss VA to love hockey. Tara Wheeler, Miss Virginia 2008 (for Miss America), is a BIG hockey fan and is even a former hockey goalie for Penn State. She has even sung the national anthem at Caps games and now is on Comcast Sports covering the games. VA has a great history with hockey and pageant girls.

  • Peter Hassett

    Did you guys see that Love 146 video? That’s really powerful stuff.

  • Tony

    Samantha is a great person. Miss USA would be lucky is she won the crown.
    I recommend the John Carlson jersey. He’s younger than she is!
    Plus, the jersey will be good for the next 15 years.

  • Sherry

    I watched the video, you’re right, very powerful, good for her for getting involved & doing something to help..such a sad world sometimes

  • Samantha is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. She comes from a great family and would make a wonderful Miss USA. Good luck May 16th and whether you come home Miss USA or not, Virginia is proud!

  • Stephanie

    This interview makes me so proud… Samantha is my dearest friend and I’m so happy to see her beauty and humility conveyed here. Her passion to bring attention to the horror of an industry that runs rampant in our world is bold and she does it with conviction and kindness.
    She’s been raving about all her latest hockey adventures and I can further attest to the fact that this girl is the biggest sports fanatic in killer heels you could ever meet! I mean it. She lives it and once she’s committed, you’ve got her for life 🙂 That’s my sammie! Just thought I’d give a personal plug for her… Make sure you’re all watching MissUSA May 16th on NBC!

  • Adam

    Where were girls like this when I was W&M?

  • I’ve known Sam for years! I know she is one of the best representatives and role models for people who possess the power of compassion! I also love taking her photos as many are shown above in the interview! Thanks Caps for rocking the Ice and Many Blessings to you SAM!- Donald

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