Tonight’s exhilarating win in Montreal was marred by some nonsense. A small, but vocal segment of the Canadiens fan base took it upon themselves to boo the Star-Spangled Banner (also here and here). No one asked the booing throng for their finer details of their political ideology, but it’s safe to say that a seed of anti-American sentiment blossoms in Montreal.

Regardless of the outcome on Wednesday night, this quarterfinal playoff series will soon return to Washington, D.C., and there we will have a choice. Will the Phone Booth return fire, booing “O Canada” from start to finish, or will they take the high road?

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Gordon Opens the Floodgates! Caps Beat Habs 5-1.


Ovechkin hails his Canadiens fans after his second-period goal (AP Photo/The Canadian Press,Ryan Remiorz)

Finally, the Washingon Capitals finish a game in sixty minutes. But tonight’s soaring victory over the Montreal Canadiens nearly wasn’t such. Without Boyd Gordon’s brilliant short-handed goal early in the second period, the Caps might not have detonated the goalsplosion that followed.

Relying mostly on that 20 minute score buffet, the Caps easily bested the Nads 5-1.  Caps take the series lead 2-1.  Natch.

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Following Ovie’s first goal, the fourth of the game, Nicklas Backstrom cradled Alex Ovechkin by the face and showed him how to celebrate the French way. Enjoy.


Credit: Your boy Neil Greenberg

UPDATE: Bonus video from @ClancyKolzig!  Thanks!

#beardpact Day 5: Welcome to the Work Week


It’s game day, Caps soldiers!  We’re only a few minutes from puck drop, so we’ll keep this quick.

I’ve got a wedding on Friday, but I ain’t shaving.  I’ve gotta grow this facial hair because I know that John Carlson and Nick Backstrom cannot.   Way up in frozen Canadia, I feel certain that the Capitals know we’re at home supporting them.  And by supporting, I mean we look like idiots.

Hey, how are the RMNB souljahz?

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Coach: Please Start Jose Theodore on Monday


Semyon Varlamov takes over for Jose Theodore (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

In his last appearance in net, Jose Theodore allowed two goals on two shots and was subsequently given the hook. Russian boy wonder Semyon Varlamov stepped up and did an acceptable job (.863) in a game fraught with defensive missteps. But now that the Washington Capitals have traveled to the Canadiens’ home territory of Montreal, who should start in net?

Answer: Jose friggin’ Theodore

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