#beardpact Day 5: Welcome to the Work Week


It’s game day, Caps soldiers!  We’re only a few minutes from puck drop, so we’ll keep this quick.

I’ve got a wedding on Friday, but I ain’t shaving.  I’ve gotta grow this facial hair because I know that John Carlson and Nick Backstrom cannot.   Way up in frozen Canadia, I feel certain that the Capitals know we’re at home supporting them.  And by supporting, I mean we look like idiots.

Hey, how are the RMNB souljahz?

Bump-on-a-blog Ian Oland thanks BB for starting Varlamov.


Typing maven Peter Hassett has not so much a beard as a series of well-spaced whiskers.


Neil Greenberg could go from Top Gun fresh-face to The Last Samurai in 2 weeks, I’m sure.


Here’s an educational video for all your #beardpact-ers out there.

Stubble Parade!


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