Following Ovie’s first goal, the fourth of the game, Nicklas Backstrom cradled Alex Ovechkin by the face and showed him how to celebrate the French way. Enjoy.


Credit: Your boy Neil Greenberg

UPDATE: Bonus video from @ClancyKolzig!  Thanks!

  • And if you haven’t had enough Caps love yet…

  • ClancyKolzig

    If you like the still pic, here is a link to a video of the most amusing goal celebration

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  • Hittman

    Hilarious. It could be he was trying to pull Ovechkin’s over-celebrating-ass up off the ice by his head. Either way, the Nads did another great job bottling up His Gr8ness…except for right there. It’s hard to stop Ovy from at least pulling the trigger on the quick onetimer from the slot.

  • Mary K.

    If only Knuble weren’t in the way of the tv cameras.

  • dplusc21

    There was SO much love going on that night…..mainly directed towards the Russians.

    Did no one see Semin embrace Varly right after they won and everyone surrounded him? It’s a good thing that Varly had his full face goalie mask on, cause Semin was trying to get all up in there….

  • BobbyG

    I love this celebration, the show of emotion was the perfect counterpoint to the rude obnoxious booing of the US national anthem.

    On a shallow note, I’d give anything to trade places with Nicky, LOL!