#beardpact Day Something: Looking Increasingly Hobo-Like


Puck drop imminent, and it’s time to check in with our scraggly soldiers.  But first, tell me if this has happened to you:  you’re at 7-11 getting a BIG GULP, paying in pennies as usual, and the lady behind the counter thinks you’re homeless.  You try to explain that the hockey team with the Russians MADE you lock up your razor blades, but that just makes things worse.  Some people! Right?

How are the RMNB dudes looking?  NOT GOOD.

Here’s Ian, whose bedroom is as unkempt as his facial hair.


Here’s Peter, who is openly laughed at by children and adults alike.


And here’s Neil, for whom beard-growing is so easy it’s unfair dammit it’s unfair.


And then there’s Fedor… who makes us suspicious.


Before we do the Parade, it’s come to my attention that some people cannot, by the miracle of genetics, grow a beard.  Women, here’s an alternative for you: Beardhead!

Also, some co-workers sent me this little nugget today, and I had to share with my fellow #beardpact-ers.  They Might Be Giants, ladies and germs!

Parade of Stubble!


Looks at these handsome folks! Darbish remains the leader by a mile, but you can’t ignore the professional evenness The Horn Guy.  Lindsey, I suspect is cheating, however.  Thanks, everybody!  Grow on.


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  • BobbyG

    One word about the current state of the RMNB dudes’ beards: LAME! My fake scraggly Halloween beard has them all beat by a mile.

    On another note, a request to RMNB: are you planning to change the Ovie image on the home page so that he wears the Captain’s C now instead of the A? I know, I’m anal retentive about getting details like this accurate, even on fan sites and blogs.

  • LOL. Man, your beards are hilarious. Fedor’s pic cracks me up. xD I don’t like Justin Bieber, but I guess since Fedor won’t post a pic, that’s good enough I guess. Hahaha. Love the fan entries. 🙂

  • Me? Cheat? Pish posh my good man, pish posh.

  • @BobbyG My beard challenges yours to a duel.

  • pbsenerchia

    Excellent work all around. I was late tweeting my #beardpact pic, so for the record, here it is: http://twitpic.com/1hdrko

  • BobbyG

    @neilg: I’ll see your beard and raise you two stubbles. Or, two disposable razors at 20 paces, then turn and fire LOL!

    I hope RMNB saw my earlier post and responds.