Have you seen me?

Have you seen Sasha?

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  • Rob

    I couldn’t agree more…

  • Rockin’ The Red in VA

    I vote we start a fund and donate it to the person / people who locate him and return him to the nearest Capitals game!

  • Hittman

    Hey he had an accidental assist last night!

  • Harsh! But funny.

  • Bart

    Dummies! He’s saving himself for the tougher playoff opponents.

  • R17a

    Саша Сёмин вернись!! Тебя все потеряли !

  • BobbyG

    The harsh truth sometimes hurts, but it is what it is. And the truth is, the Caps will need contributions from everyone, the entire team, if they want to go deep in the playoffs. I don’t think they can afford MIAs if and when they face the Pens down the road.

  • Yeah! What R17a said!!

  • BobbyG

    For the Russian challenged among us, exactly what did R17a say?

  • @BobbyG: SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF: “Sasha Semin, come back! You’re completely lost!”

    Not very sure. I stink at translations. 😛

    Fedor will know more than me (the silly American).

  • Jessica got it.

  • СашкаСемин

    R17a Я тут! звал?

  • CapsChick

    He sure picked a rotten time for his annual sabbatical.

  • Comunista Sympatico

    Он нет истинного русского. Истинный русский вставил бы к пятилетнему плану.


  • BGGB

    Semin’s obviously struggled, but he’s had some good looks, and has slowly improved.

    I expect a 2 goal game out of him any day now.

    Mike Green I’m more concerned about.

  • Tim

    Semin is getting unfairly blamed for lack of productivity. He has gotten twice as many shots this series as Ovie, but has gotten no backup from his rotation of linemates. He needs either Laich or Fehr on his line AND for that player to play in front of the net and create traffic. Semin is the only player on the 2nd line in any game to play well.

  • FedFed

    Hahaha translation:
    Sasha Semin, where are you? We lost you!
    R17a, I’m here. Have you asked me?

  • EdmontonCapsFan

    I agree totally with Bart. We would he waste his energy on the lowly Canadiens? You’ll see him wake up when they really need him. They don’t right now obviously. But when they do… he’ll show, and steal tha show! Right?

  • Лол. А сколько здесь русско-язычных то?

  • Comunista Sympatico

    Is that google translator? =\

  • FedFed

    Ну по моим подсчётам был один я)))

  • Бренданский

    хей!! я легко говорю…но я не болельщик хоккея…кто семин?..а овечкин?…ничего не понял на этом веб-сайте…=((((((((

  • Comunista Sympatico

    Тихонов послало бы его к Гулагу

  • Комуниста! Хватит юзать этот убогий, бл*дский гугл переводчик! >.<

  • BobbyG

    What gives? This thread has turned into a contest for dueling Russian posts. If this is intended as a test, I for one would fail miserably Will all the in-the-knows after R17a provide translations, or else get slapped en masse with game misconducts.

  • R17a

    It was not the test. Russian – read RMNB 😉

    Вперёд Washington !! Нам нужен Кубок!

    to СашкаСемин: давай забивай голы ! =)
    to Comunista Sympatico, FedFed, Бренданский: и вам привет …

  • Comunista Sympatico

    Babelfish is a beautiful thing. 😀


    Too many late nights in Gtown or something.

  • BobbyG

    Unfortunately R17a I still don’t get it. What does Russian-read RMNB mean? Part of the problem is I’m in a foul mood about tonight’s outcome.

    Because tonight the Caps didn’t “get it” either. This had to have been one of their worst games ever, and at one of the most inopportune times.

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  • R17a

    to BobbyG:

    I had in view of: Russian fans of Caps – too on http://www.russianmachineneverbreaks.com. But are silent. 😀

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