Eric Belanger Is Chuck Norris Tough


How tough are hockey players? After taking a stick to the mush in the first period, Eric Belanger ripped his own tooth out on the bench and then proceeded to take the next face-off. That’s insane. The AP furthers the legend:

Belanger says Saturday he “felt my teeth shatter, right away,” when Canadiens defenseman Marc-Andre Bergeron’s stick hit him in the mouth in the first period of Montreal’s 2-1 victory at Washington in Game 5 of their playoff series Friday night.

Belanger needed some serious dental work at the arena, getting exposed tooth roots trimmed — then returned to the ice midway through the third period.

Explains Belanger: “I knew I was in trouble, but what are you going to do? It’s the playoffs.”

He expects to play in Game 6 at Montreal on Monday.

In summary, Belanger lost 7 or 8 teeth, including the one he ripped out himself.

Here’s the video:

  • BobbyG

    Good for him. Too bad it didn’t translate into a Caps win tonight.

    Do I sound bitter and bummed out? Now we have to get through the entire weekend and wait until Monday night to see if the Caps advance.

  • Russian Machine Never Breaks

    Hey, we have to write about this. I’m super bummed too. But yeah, our comments are here for anyone who wants to unleash the fury on anything they’re mad about.

  • 8-19-28-40

    is there a video of it?

  • Chirs G (Caps Snaps)

    @ 8-19-28-40

    Here’s the video:


  • WashCapsRock

    And Belanger just went up a whole bunch of notches in my book!

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  • http://deleted СашкаСемин

    ha! he made it only for be looking like OV!!! I knew it!

  • Brandon

    Chuck Norris wears Eric Belanger pajamas. He also has a John Carlson lunchbox.