Samantha Casey, Mike Green & Nicklas Backstrom on the Cover of Northern Virginia Magazine

If you read our interview with Miss Virginia USA, Samantha Casey, last week, you were made aware that the beautiful blonde was sharing the May Cover of Northern Virginia Magazine with Capitals superstuds Mike Green and Nicklas Backstrom. Well, said cover has finally been released to the public via Northern Virginia Magazine’s Facebook Fan Page and we thought everybody should check it out. What do you guys think?

Also, if you’ve got a few minutes, make sure to check out Behind the Scenes action of the covershoot. It’s worth a look to see Green Life and Backie caked in makeup. One last thing, can someone hook us up with a copy of the magazine? Residing in Baltimore makes getting a hardcopy tough. If you can, shoot me an email.

  • S.

    The issue comes out on the 28th 🙂 Looking forward to grab a copy, too!

  • My reaction to this cover was funny. And I was alone. 🙂

    The cover is nice. And so posed. 🙂 But it’s a really cool feature!

    Well, I hope you get a copy. I know I’ll never see it physically. Ever.

  • Brandee

    I think the cover is pretty nice. They could have made it really lame. I can’t wait to see the inside. I’m going to have my dad ask my Uncle to pick me up a copy, since he lives in Alexandria. If he will, I’ll try and get two copies! For you.