The Capitals New Good Luck Charm?

  • I was searching Bing for a good jpg of the old Caps eagle logo and found the Backstrom pony.
    Naturally, I wondered if there were more (secretly hoping for a Ponikarovsky) and found the Ovi one (and a Messier, too).

    A lady named Jodi Moisan paints them. She does a lot of comic characters, too, but the Caps ones obviously stood out for me and I had to share them with the Caps Twitter community. Glad they found a good home on RMNB!

  • capshockeyfan

    That’s mine! It was a Christmas gift from a friend who makes custom collectibles. If you follow the link to her site (; the Ovie pony is mine, the Backstrom pony is my wife’s, the Slipknot pony is my daughter’s, and the Eagles pony is my son’s. She starts out with blank (uncolored) ponys and hand-paints the costume and all of the details.

  • Peter

    Oh my god. That is the best webpage I have ever seen.


  • Hittman

    I’m literally scared of that Slipknot pony.

  • Bobby

    lol she painted in his missing tooth