Game Diary: Caps-Habs Game 7: Well, that sucked

Real men keep diaries, and I am no exception. Taking one to Game 7 might seem a bit extreme to some of you (maybe not to Emily as you’ll soon see) but I knew it was going to be an emotional night and wanted to make sure I captured every detail.

I had reservations posting my entries from last night online, mostly because some say my relationship with my diary is unhealthy eccentric, but I was coerced promised RMNB an exclusive story of the Game 7 experience, so here it is:

Dear Diary:

OMG! I am soooooooo going to the Caps game tonight. It’s Game SEVEN. Hello?!?!? I know I know, the series shouldn’t have gone this long. And yes, Semin has been MIA most of the playoffs. Yes, you’re right – last year’s playofIMG00691-20100428-2055fs too. No, it’s NOT a trend. SHUT UP. No YOU shut up. I can’t write to you when you’re like this.

No, I haven’t forgotten my bet: If the Habs win I have to buy and listen to a Justin Beiber CD. And I have to buy it at Target. On a Sunday. At 1PM. And I have to ask someone that works there where I can find it. But it’s cool cause there is NO WAY the Caps will lose a Game 7 at home. No. Way.

Gotta run and see the virtual view of where my seats are going to be. THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!! GAME SEVEN!! WOOT!

Dear Diary:

Close call. My #beardpact SAW the razor on the sink. I am not sure if that affects its mojo or not. Should I tweet and ask? No, it’s not that I don’t take your word for it I was just looking for second opinions. I know: whatever Peter says do the opposite. GAME SEVEN IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!

Dear Diary:

What’s that smell?

Dear Diary:

On the metro. Car is FULL of other Caps fans in their jerseys:

ovechkin-capitals-premier-replica-dark-jerseyOvechkin. Ovechkin. Ovechkin. Ovechkin in white – must be a tourist. Ovechkin. Ovechkin. Semin. Ovechkin. Ovechkin. Laich. Ovechkin. Ovechkin. Ovechkin. Ovechkin. Green. Duck. Duck. Duck. Goose.


Some dude just asked me: “Do you think the Caps will beat the Titans tonight?”

I answered “Yes I do brother. Yes. I Do.”

Then we high-fived. Everyone is in SUCH a good mood. CAPS RULE!!!! HABS DROOOL!!!

Dear Diary:

Met up with Heather, Sherry, jmdc88 and Emily. No, I don’t think jmdc88 is on her birth certificate but that’s how we roll now – we use twitter handles to identify one another. Fine, her name is Julie. Happy?

Saw another dude with a Cicerelli jersey. WTF? Didn’t he get the memo that’s MY schtick? I said “sup” to him anyway. Yea, I am cool.


Emily and her Playoff Stapler

Also, as you know I am not one to poke fun at superstitions, but I am not sure why Emily brings a stapler to hockey games. She’s an actress tho, so maybe that explains it?

No, I didn’t snag you a cupcake. Fine, be mad. I’m headed into the game.

Dear Diary:

They gave us red rally towels. You can just feel the good luck in them. When I whip it around like a helicopter it’s like I have super powers or something. Goal scoring super powers. Rally against this Habs!

Brisket sandwich, chips and Coke for $76. Bargain – CAUSE I AM AT GAME 7!!

Dear Diary:

Finally(!) Flash is benched. Semin still in the lineup. Tonight’s his night. I can feel it. Green to Semin on a PPG. Make that TWO PPGs. Yup, it’s a bet. OK, anthems starting – got to cheer Oh Canada.

Dear Diary:

This is SO AWESOME! I am definitely getting tickets for Philadelphia series. I know I know, don’t jinx it, but this game is a LOCK. Philadelphia: Here. We. Come.

Dear Diary:

Metallica rules!

Dear Diary:

Well, that sucked. Mike Green was called for cross checking that led to a Bergeron PP goal with about 30 seconds left in 1st. It’s fine tho. The Caps can come back! What are the chances Caps won’t score more than a goal? Headed to #caps108 tweetup.

Dear Diary:

SO MAD AT YOU! I got to talk to Mike Wise for about 10 minutes and he was a nice guy. You lead me to think he was a d-bag or something, but he wasn’t. And now we are BFFs. Saw HomerMcFanboy again too and I got to meet Eric McErlain. Yea, their writing is awesome. Don’t know if they keep diaries. Ok, I’ll ask next time. No, I don’t think there is such a thing as “diary playdates.”

Oooo. Also was standing THIS CLOSE to Peter Bondra. I mean Restraining Order close. No, I didn’t say Hi. You’re a scardey cat. You are. I’m rubber you’re glue, so there. 😛

Dear Diary:

WTF!? Down 2 zip after a goal by Moore with 3:36 left in the second. Calm thoughts. Calm thoughts. Have faith.

Sent a text to the VC Jumbotron but they didn’t show any. Fail. They did the Three-card Monte puck thing and before the dude picked his puck he said “Crosby Sucks.” LOL. Once the Caps win this series and the Cup no one will DARE say Crosby is better than Ovechkin. But Ovie has to turn it on in the 3rd. I know, he will. Got text from my friend asking if it is too late to change Ovie‘s name to Halak. No, its not funny.

Dear Diary:

Remember when the Caps used to get fans free wings? Yea, that was awesome.

Dear Diary:

Metro doesn’t stop running tonight at 9:30 does it? Then why are people leaving? Don’t they know the Caps will be staging their comeback any minute now? They will be sorry.

Dear Diary:

YES! FINALY! Laich scores and it’s 2-1 Habs. How do you spell C-O-M-E-B-A-C-K? I know I just spelled it – it’s a sports thing. Whatever. Rally time. Good thing I have my towel.

Hey Bandwagoners who left early: SUCK IT. You are about to miss the BEST comeback in NHL Playoffs HISTORY!!!!

Dear Diary:

THANK YOU O’Byrne for the high stick. PP TIME BABY! This is where it ALL comes together. Varly pulled. 6 on 4. SHOWTIME! HAVE FAITH!!! THIS IS IT!!!

Dear Diary:

Don’t talk to me. And no, you can’t go with me to Target to watch me buy the Justin Beiber CD.

  • How did you and the diary feel about the people booing the team and throwing trash on the ice at the end of the game? When I reflect on it, that was certainly the low point of the night for me, and made me embarassed to call myself a Caps fan. 🙁

  • This is absolutely genius. It made my day.
    And I made the unfortunate bet with a buddy who happens to be a Pens fan that I would have to wear his Malkin jersey if the Caps didn’t advance.
    So.. enjoy that Justin Bieber.

  • Charlie

    Just got the Ovechkin jersey I ordered today. Not opening the box until next season.

  • Neil, you should totally get a video of you buying the Bieber Cd. That would be classic.

  • No, I don’t keep a diary. But I’m glad you do. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of the class.

  • Chooch

    “Hey Bandwagoners who left early: SUCK IT. You are about to miss the BEST comeback in NHL Playoffs HISTORY!!!!”

    Yea, they did miss the greatest comeback in NHL playoffs history. You’re talking about the 8th seeded Habs coming back from 3-1 down to upset the President’s Trophy winning Capitals, right?

  • Sherry

    at this point if we don’t have our sense of humor what do we have? Dear Diary caps all the way next season 🙂 oh and yes i still love Mike Green 🙂

  • Mary K

    I thought you guys weren’t allowed to go to the games anymore…..Or was the curse only for the regular season?

  • BobbyG

    @Charlie: I hear you loud and clear.

    I ordered a Caps cap and two Ovie t-shirts from Amazon the day before the playoffs started. They arrived yesterday, the day after the game 7 loss. I haven’t even opened the box. That will have to wait until October.

    RMNB, I apoligize for getting on your case about updating the home page to have Ovie wear the Captain’s C instead of the A. I feel like I jinxed him and the team, and accept responsibility for having inadvertently contributing to the Caps loss.