A Final Update On Caps Prospect Dmitri Orlov

Dmitri Orlov

RMNB’s Fedor Fedin has followed Dmitri Orlov everywhere this year (including Siberia and even a Moscow Bathroom). Now that the Novokuznetsk Bears’ season has finally come to an end, Fedor’s here to provide a final review of the season-that-was for Orlov which includes some interesting quotes, statistics, photos and videos. Take it away, comrade!

First of all, we wanted to point you to the summary of Orlov’s KHL Regular season by Championat.ru:

The 18-year-old defenseman is one of the brightest players on Metallurg’s roster. A swiftly progressing player, he was chosen in the 2nd round of NHL Entry Draft last summer, but, unlike a lot of his peers, did not move to America immediately and played season for his native team. He became an alternative captain during the season. Dmitri is a talented attacking defenseman who can make a play and fake out half of his opponents on the ice while then making a pass right in front of the open net. His goal against Torpedo is one of the best goals of the regular season for sure. His future in Metallurg is unclear since his chances of making the Capitals roster are very strong. Attacking defensemen are valued highly in the NHL and it’s clear that he won’t be lost in North America.

Rating: 7.5/10 [Ed. Note — T-1 skater on the team]

His final stats in the KHL 2009/10 regular season:
GP: 41 [15 on the team]; G: 4 [T-11]; P: 7 [16].

Two of four Orlov’s goals in the KHL this season came in a game against Barys Astana [11/24/09].

But unfortunately since Metallurg didn’t make the KHL playoffs, Dmitri was sent down to their MHL affiliate Novokuznetsk Bears so that he could continue to develop.

Round 1 of the MHL Playoffs: Novokuznetsk Bears vs. Krylya Sovetov

Dmitri Orlov 2

I had to use this photo because it’s rare: Orlov’s playing defense.

Stats: 4 GP, 2 G, 2 A, +2.
In the first round against one of the greatest Russian hockey clubs, almost all the games were dramatic but the Bears managed to win 3 of 4 to advance to the second round.

Since we should care a lot about the Caps PK, here’s video of the Bears killing off a 5 on 3 [Orlov is #9]:

Orlov vs ReaktorSecond round of the MHL Playoffs: Novokuznetsk Bears vs Reaktor

Orlov’s Stats: 4 GP; 2 G; 3 A; +4.

Our hero was not very good in first three games. But his fourth game was truly epic as he notched 2 goals, 3 assists, and a +5. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any videos from that game (I blame Putin).

After this series was concluded, the coach of the Bears Sergey Krasilnikov was interviewed by the Novokuznetsk sports portal.

Q: Some fans think that Dmitri Orlov fopps a lot in games for the Bears. He tries to overplay opponents “on one skate”. What can you say about it?

A: All of the players on our team (including Orlov) never fall to the ice in an attempt to try and make it look like they’re playing “on one skate”. We say that he’s a player of the Junior National Team. Yes, he is and even a leader. But look at the pressure he’s facing this season and how old is he? He’s 18! He’s a boy! Yes he plays good, he’s very mature. But he’s a youngster. And it’s impossible to go through a season that’s been this long and difficult without being tired. And now he plays with what’s left of his strength. He never fops! I don’t know what it looks like from the seats, but believe me – the fans aren’t right here.

MHL Semifinals: Novokuznets Bears vs Tolpar

Stats: 5 GP; 2 G; 2 A; +4.

And again – Orlov failed to start off the series well, but he was a King in the most important game where he managed to score twice! Here’s the video of both. His goals are at the 0:37 and 1:04 marks. The Bears won 6-2.

Also, here’s one of his dazzling assists:

After this series was over he was interviewed and discussed his future in DC:

Q: We’ve heard a lot of talk about you going to America this summer. Can you say anything about it now?
A: I still don’t know. I have two more years on the contract here. I don’t know, we’ll see.

MHL Finals: Novokuznetsk Bears vs Steel Foxes:

Stats: 4 GP; 3 G; 1 A; -2.

This was the only lost series for the Bears. They were losing 0-2 in Best of 5 series, then won the first do-or-die game, and then almost came back in the second. But, sadly they came up short. Dmitri said that they had “too little of force” in the final game.

Orlov 3

Dmitri. Medal. Fans

Anyways, these playoffs were great for Dmitri. First, he got a ton of experience. Second, he made his native town very happy (they had their first sell-out for the looong time). And finally, he finished third in points (9+10) in the playoffs (with the top scorer being 2010 eligible Maxim Kitsyn with 20 points in 17 games). Trust me, there’s lots to look forward to with Dima in the future!

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