Great Moments in Signage History

Tonight during Montreal’s huuuge 3-2 victory over the Penguins, Versus blessed us with this shot of the crowd after Montreal netted the go ahead goal.

Sidney Crosby is a Douche.
Ouch. En Francais, I think this means Crosby needs a shower.

With the Habs tying up the series 2-2 tonight, could a second upset be in the works? I don’t know. But one thing’s for sure: Though I hate the Canadiens, they are clearly the better of two evils here. Let’s go Nads!

If you need a close-up of the sign, click below! Also, special thanks to James W. for the photos.

Sidney Crosby is a Douch Part II

  • BobbyG

    The Crosby Show…to the showers. ROFL!

    Good thing the sign isn’t in smell-o-vision, LOL.

  • BobbyG

    BTW, I just noticed the not-so-great (but painfully honest) moment in RMNB signage history at the top of the home page, with the word Russian crossed out and Hershey written over. So now we’re at least temporarily HMNB?

    The truth sometimes hurts. Maybe Ovie can restore some Russian glory at the World Championships.

  • inkalifiable

    just for your information,

    When in French we say: “aux douches” it really means “get lost, you’re done”


  • That is awesome. The pose and the look on the Habs fan’s face as he hold up the sign is priceless.

    Would love to see the Habs take this series.

  • oh man, i just realized that the guy holding the sign is not the guy who i thought it was. oh well. still funny.

  • Hittman

    The only thing less cool than Crosby is the bizarre fuzz he sports on his face this time of year. He might be good at hockey but he’s about as awkward as it gets.