Dear God, the Russian Machine does bleed red blood like the rest of us.

Dear God, the Russian Machine does bleed red blood like the rest of us.

The wounds from the Caps’ round-one playoff loss are still raw, but we are on the mend.  The downtrodden leader of the Caps’, Alex Ovechkin, has linked up with his countrymen to mend some of those wounds.  The world championships began this weekend in Cologne, Germany, reuniting Ovechkin, Semyon Varlamov, and Alex Semin with their former teammates, Sergei Fedorov and Viktor Kozlov.  Today’s match found the Capitals Russians facing off against the Slovakians, coached by former Caps benchmaster, Glen Hanlon.

The Russian goalie,  massive Vasili Kosechkin, did not face a flurry of pucks until late in the second period.  When the Slovaks finally mounted their offensive attacks, a sneaky wrister from former Capitals farmhand Ivan Majesky threatened to start a scoring spree.  The Russians managed to hold off the Slovaks’ recovery, earning them a first round win– Alex Ovechkin’s first in four games.

Ovechkin played a ton of minutes, including the entirety of a mid-game power play.  Somewhere George McPhee is double-dosing his antihypertensives.  Despite the workout, Alex seemed to be enjoying himself out there.  He and Alex “lil Sasha” Semin exchanged some flashy passes in the offensive zone and scored off of a great faceoff win by senior statesman Sergei Fedorov (Awwwww, look how happy he is up there!).  We’re not sure when, but Ovie opened a cut above his mouth, so he looked like he was drinking fruit punch all day.

The Slovaks took a good 30 minutes before they were able to marshall their forces, but they were surprisingly aggressive once they did.  A physical presence on both sides of the ice, they never allowed the Russians to strut.

That Slava’s (Vyacheslav Bykov) coaching career continues will baffle me for years.  I’m not sure what he brings to the bench besides looking like a second-string James Bond villain.

Sergei Federov foolishly sent the puck out of play from his own zone, causing the 6-on-4 power play that ended the game.  The Russians were on their heels for a moment, but master PK operative Victor Kozlov found the empty net, effectively nailing shut the Slovaks’ coffin.

In summary, Russia wins their first game in the World Championships 3-1. Alex Ovechkin scores the game-winning goal and is named the player of the game. He wins a sweet, new Rolex. I’m thinking I love hockey again!


Alex Ovechkin Scores His First Goal of the 2010 World Championships in Germany

  • Emily Karol


    “I’m thinking I love hockey again!” I couldn’t agree more. That’s the first hockey game I have watched since GAME 7. Definitely feel like my heart is on the mend, now if only they would show the rest of the games on TV. Need to track down an online feed for Team Russia games.

  • BobbyG

    Unfortunately I couldn’t watch the game. DirecTV doesn’t carry the Universal Sports channel, and live streaming isn’t available in the US. I’ll have to rely on RMNB to keep me posted.

    Ovie looks fabulous, like he’s back to having fun playing hockey again. This was my hope before the tournament started, and I hope it continues through its conclusion. I know it will help my post Caps loss healing if I see Ovie on the mend.

  • WashCapsRock

    So happy to see Ovi smile again! Is it September yet?

  • Cookie Monster

    Universal Sports streams the game online for ~$1/game. Or many use justintv to stream although you never know what language the play-by-play will be in.

    Also, the commenters at Japers’ Rink “chat” during games so you can follow the action through their posts.

  • BobbyG

    @Cookie Monster: thanks for the suggestions.

    I went to the Universal Sports website and can’t find anything about buying streaming video of the games. On the IIHF website, it clearly states that streaming video is not accessible in certain countries. The USA is one of the excluded countries.

    Due to the time difference between Germany and where I live, a live video feed or Japers’ Rink chat would occur while I’m at work so I wouldn’t be able to follow the games live.

    I guess I’ll have to be content with updates and posted photos and videos from the games. I’m mostly interested in Team Russia for what should be obvious reasons.