Pavel Lysenkov of SovSport.ru chatted it up with Alex Ovechkin before today’s match with Kazakhstan (it’s happening right now!).   They discuss the Kazakh team’s goalie, the win over Slovakia, the Russian team’s struggles, and Russian showmanship.

By the way, for those of you not watching (which is pretty much everyone except for Fedor), Semin has a 3-point game so far (1G, 2A), and Ovechkin already has one goal.

PL: What do you know about the Kazakhstan team?
AO: I don’t know anything about this team. The only thing I know is that Vitaly Eremeyev is the goalie there. Good, reliable goalie.

PL: Soviet Sport talked to him, and he remembers that he last played against you at the Torino Olympics [Ed. note – Final score was 1-0 Russia]. And if Kazakhstan will play as firmly as there, they’ll be able to take some points.
AO: The’ll have a chance for sure. I’m not going to argue with this.

PL: Especially if Russia won’t play better in the powerplay…
AO: I wouldn’t make such an precise decision. It was our first game. The big one is ahead. We have to organize our interactions. We have some time for this. First step is to organize our game.

PL: Finns were going to organize, too, but Denmark smashed them.
AO: A lot of teams show a high level of play at the Champs. I can’t say who’s the main contender. There are five [or] six teams who fight for the medals every time. But others are coming; they may surprise and win.

PL: Anyway, were there more positives or negatives in the game against Slovakia?
AO: Positives, for sure. We won. How? No one cares.

PL: But those last minutes were pretty disturbing.
AO: We wanted to create some intrigue. Make our fans upset. It’s hockey.

PL: General Manager of the Capitals, George McPhee, said Ovechkin shouldn’t come to Germany…
AO: If you have an opportunity to play at the Champs, why shouldn’t I play for my country? Yes, the season was tiring. But I always have force– even after the playoffs. We exerted ourselves with the Caps, but five days is enough to restore myself completely. Our break will be in the summer.

Bam.  Ovie’s not tired!  Ovie’s not afraid of Kazakhstan!  Ovie’s not afraid of Bykov’s chaotic un-coaching!

For the three people in the audience watching the game legally, let us know how it’s going in the comments below.

  • СашаСемин

    Russia has won the game 4-1. Semin got a 3 assists and 1 goal, OV and Kovi got a 1 goal each, and grebenshekov too.
    Varly will start the next game (maybe, im not shure)

  • “But I always have force…”

    OK, so he really IS Ovi-Wan Kenovechkin

  • Elle

    I would like this so much more if it were the caps beating the opponent right now and Semin scoring goals on them, but this’ll do.

  • Here are the highlight’s of the game which includes video of Ovechkin and Semin’s goals


  • BobbyG

    @Elle: I feel exactly as you do. If only we could be discussing the Caps beating their opponent, but at least we can follow Team Russia at WC.

    @Chris G of Caps Snaps: thanks so much for the video link. I can’t watch the games live, so video replays and photos will have to do for me to get my Ovie fix.

  • СашкаСемин


    I can share the full game Russia-Slovakia, if u want. But its on Russian)

  • СашкаСемин

    Ok for everyone who cares, the Russia-Slovakia game (ON RUSSIAN, FULL GAME!)
    Letitbit.net link:

    Deposit.com link:


  • СашкаСемин

    Russia-Kazahstan full game (On Russian! 1.54gb SatRip)

    Letitbit.net link:

  • BobbyG

    @СашкаСемин: thanks for your help! However, for the Russian challenged like me, what do I click on after I enter the link? There are several choices with more choices within them.

  • СашаСемин

    BobbyG yeah sorry, i forget taht link is on the Russian.
    Try this one, its a highlights of the game (SatRip 406mb)

    Deposit link:

  • СашаСемин
  • BobbyG

    @ СашаСемин: Thanks again! The YouTube link works best and will suffice to feed my fix. I knew RMNB would come through to help me.

  • СашаСемин
  • BobbyG

    @СашаСемин (again): Thanks for the new link. Please instruct further–do I just click on the TV button tomorrow (Friday May 14) for the games? I checked on Thursday at 5PM Pacific time in the US and there are no teams listed for each of the time slots. Does that mean the matchups aren’t set yet?

  • СашкаСемин

    Bobby just chose the Ice hockey in menu and there are will be all games of the day.

  • BobbyG

    @СашкаСемин: Sorry I forgot to get back to you. If you’re still checking this thread, thanks again for the help. Your link worked. I was able to watch the games that were on when I was home. The time difference thing prevents me from watching all games live.