Tonight if you were like us, you sat in front of your TV, ate smoked salmon with a fork and laughed at Pittsburgh’s unlikely demise to the Habs. Sure, it totally sucked when the Capitals lost in the first round to this rag-tag group of “team players” from North of the Border. But after seeing Sid the Kid fail the ultimate test tonight (boarding penalty 10 seconds in which led to Habs first goal of the game, 0 points, -2), maybe – just maybe – this talk that Sidney Crosby is by far and away the best player in the game can die down a bit.

Really, SI?

Moving forward, please consider Alex Ovechkin’s Game 7 performance against the Canadiens in comparison: 10 shots, 1 assist and a clutch GTG that was uhhh questionably disallowed.

Sometimes another man’s pain is another man’s pleasure. And tonight that pain felt by Pens fans was the perfect tonic for this man’s broken heart.

  • Sarah

    Wow, I actually was watching this game while eating smoked salmon. Sitting in front of my computer though, as my school’s on campus housing doesn’t offer versus.

    And yes, I also laughed. Good times.

  • Tim

    Didn’t get to see the game tonight, unfortunately, but I loved the result! I’m going to be taunting those Pens trolls who come on Caps pages for weeks now!

  • Did anyone else notice how one of Crosby’s comments was about the officiating? “No way that’s a penalty 10 seconds in…,” as though the rules don’t start until he’s warmed up or something. Maybe I’m wrong or I have “homer memory” but I don’t recall any of the Caps talking about the disallowed goal. They took responsibility for the loss like men do, yet another reason why I like this team so much. Sid the KID is living up to his moniker yet again.

  • Hello Japan!

    The Pens failed. The Capitals failed even harder. They both fail. You guys can keep fighting over who’s better between Crosby and Ovechkin, We’ll be busy winning.

  • Hello Japan!

    Oh and I’m a Blackhawks fan 🙂

  • СашаСемин

    HAhahaha. Take that! In ur face, suckers!

  • spinner33

    it’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

  • Hittman


  • BobbyG

    Oh boo hoo! I’m so upset about the officiating going against the Pens–NOT!!! The Caps loss was devastating, but at least now I won’t have to endure any more whining and complaining from Crybaby Crosby. At least now I won’t have to endure the sight of him hoisting the Cup. With the Pens out of the way, maybe I’ll actually go back to watching the playoffs again to see which team captures the prize.