Your Bad Joke of the Day

Some jerk from my old high school told this joke.  Maybe I giggled a little, but really I’m just angry about it.  Enjoy!
white russian

A guy walks into a bar.  He asks the bartender for an Ovechkin.

The bartender says, “What’s an Ovechkin?”

The guy says, “It’s just a white Russian, but without the Cup.”

In a related story, Habs v Pens tonight at 7 PM at Mellon Abattoir in tropical Pittsburgh, PA.  Will you watch, or is too soon?

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  • Michelle

    Watching and screaming Go Habs Go!!!!! The entire time. 🙂

  • Peter Hassett

    Michelle, that’s textbook Stockholm Syndrome.

  • James

    Joke is old. Just saying. Still crying.

  • Hittman

    I’d drink that.

  • haha I’ve been told that joke at least 3 times at work. Obviously written by a Penguins fan. This is the Capitals fan retort (slightly cheesier, but whatever):

    Crosby shares the latest joke about Ovi with bartender and whines, “Why all these about Ovi and nothing about me?”

    The bartender says, “Don’t worry, he’s the one for you… Do you know what’s the difference between you and your bra?”

    Crosby: “No.” Bartender: “The bra has two cups and you’ll never get another.”


  • I’m a huge Caps/Ovie fan but that is kind of funny. Feeling much better about our demise now that the Habs have knocked out the defending Cup champs. You have to respect the Habs.

  • BobbyG

    I feel a little better about the Caps loss now because I realize the Habs win was no fluke. I salute the Canadiens and thank them with all my heart for disposing of Crybaby Crosby. Now I won’t have to agonize any more about the Pens winning a second consecutive Cup. Good-bye and good riddance to them and all their trollish fans who have been gloating on Caps boards for the past two weeks.

    Has there been any word about Evegni Malkin joining Team Russia or Crosby joining Team Canada for the rest of the WC?

  • Christine Marie

    Boooo to this joke.