Sunday night, we hope that all of you will join us in watching the Miss USA pageant live on NBC at 7pm and root hard for friend of the blog & ravenous Caps supporter, Samantha Casey. (Yes, we’ll be tweeting during it and yes, at times it should be hilarious, such as the confounding panel of celebrity judges which contains the likes of Paula Deen, Carmello Anthony and Johnny Weir. Well, at least my mom digs 2 of those 3.)

So which lovely lady will you be trying to pick out on the Las Vegas stage? Umm, this one:

Samantha Casey - Miss Virginia USA 2010 - models our Russian Machine T-Shirt before the Miss USA Pageant!

A good luck charm? Samantha Casey models our shirt in the dressing room before the Miss USA pageant.

OMG AWESOME!! Well since Sam left two weeks ago to get ready for the pageant, she’s managed to take some extremely gorgeous photos, stir up some controversy, mingle with a few celebrities and grab a very favorable 16 to 1 odds of winning the whole damn thing. And since like every other Caps Blog, we’re struggling for material, we’ll tell show you more!

The Gorgeous Photos

Sam's Portrait shot

Sam's Portrait shot

Samantha's Official Swimsuit Shot

Samantha's Official Swimsuit Shot

Samantha's Bathing Suit Proof

An unpicked swimsuit proof

Her Evening Gown Shot

Her Evening Gown Shot

The Risque Glamour Photo

The Risque Glamour Photo

The “Controversy”

Upon releasing the glamour shots to the press, a mini-controversy arose when it was noted that a few of the contestants sported only an open dress shirt and panties. For example, The Daily 10 said of Sam, “There’s miss virginia, too sexy to button up her shirt.” OMG THE DRAMA!!!

What followed was a hoard of media attention that saw Miss Virginia do an interview on Inside Edition and have her picture pop up on E! News and a special segment on the Today Show:

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As an artist, I find these glamour shots beautiful and tastefully done, but I’m sure not everyone agrees. What do you think?

The Celebrities

Sam’s managed to hang out with such celebrities like the Trump himself, Trace Adkins, Joan Rivers, the band Boys Like Girls and Curtis Stone. If you want to know more, we encourage you to read up on her experiences on her Twitter Account and check out her TwitPics. Send her a tweet, we bet she’ll respond.

Our Prediction

Tomorrow night, we think Samantha will finish in the Top 5 and make all of us proud. And, in a perfect world Miss Maryland, will be first runner-up and Miss South Dakota will be wearing something more than a potato sack during the Evening Gown part of the competition. Well, we encourage you all to watch the competition with us tomorrow night and have some fun. Good luck, Samantha!!

  • M

    The controversy is massive BS, and can be summed up in one sentence:


    The shots are gorgeous, and Miss Casey looks absolutely stunning.

  • Sherry

    I thought she looked beautiful, no reason to make sure a big deal. its ridiculous but hey that’s just my opinion