Samantha Casey is 2nd Runner Up for Miss USA

Proof that Miss Virginia is one of us.

Proof that Miss Virginia is one of us.

After making it into the Top 10, Miss Virginia Samantha Casey talks not about her humanitarian work, but HOCKEY!

It’s bittersweet, but we congratulate Miss Virginia USA and renowned Caps fan, Samantha Casey, for winning 2nd runner up in the Miss USA pageant tonight.  Samantha had all the beauty, intelligence, and poise one expects from a champion.  We Caps fans consider ourselves lucky to count her in our ranks.

(In the not-at-all unlikely case that Miss USA cannot perform her duties, the first runner up takes the crown, and Samantha will advance to Vice Miss USA.  And then comes coup d’état.)

Caps fans, please voice your congratulations for Sam in the comments below.  Let her know how proud we are of her.  While you’re at it, check out Love 146, the group Samantha helps to raise awareness for child sex trafficking.

And if you know of any other Caps fans are doing incredible stuff, like winning a Nobel prize or winning the Tour de France, let us know.  We’re here to support the fan community, and also we’re desperate for content.

  • WTG Samantha! Say the word and some unforseen accident can befall Michigan and Oklahoma.


  • Kevin M.

    You’re always a winner to us, Sam! Go Virginia! Go Tribe! (on behalf of my wife, another gorgeous W&M alum.)

  • Congratulations Samantha! I told you, the top 5 was a lock!!

    – Ian

  • I think you should write review of hockey-related stuff to pass time. Or do some fan profiles like you mentioned. I watched and was slightly disappointed Sam didn’t win, but everything happens for a reason. And Sam seems like a great person who will do extraordinary things like she has done already. 🙂

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  • BobbyG

    OK RMNB, I’ll take your statement about unforeseen accidents for Michigan and Oklahoma, so long as they don’t involve bodily injury. However, some juicy sex scandal is fair game and IMO acceptable LOL.

    Seriously, congratulations are in order for Samantha Casey, as second runner up is no small feat. Of course, she represents the Capitals well because, as we all know, the team has been no better than a bridesmaid and never quite made bride status in the playoffs. Ouch!

  • Craig

    Way to go Samantha! You represented our state very well! You’re a class act.