Backstrom: Swedish for “Shöw Me The Möney”


When the Twitterverse found out that the Caps would make a “significant player announcement”, speculation ran wild:

  • Will Brooks Laich retire and become a NASCAR Inside Front Tire Changer?
  • Will Samantha Casey become a Red Rocker?
  • Will Slapshot become the new sponsor for Muscle Milk?

The answer was revealed today: Nicklas Backstrom has signed a 10-year/$67 million contract extension with the Washington Capitals. I know what you are thinking: “That’s a lot of IKEA furniture!”  However, Backstrom was due to become a restricted free agent July 1st, but now my unborn children may have an opportunity to see a Backstrom-to-Ovechkin goal.

A new question presents itself:  Is Backstrom one of the biggest bargains in the NHL, or will he be a cap buster for years to come?

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