• boutr

    Did Downie throw the stick up between Feds’ legs to piss him off? What a dick.

  • Alex

    i love how ovechkin points up to the scoreboard at 0:13

  • chris

    The Laich hit didn’t start it. It was Downie cross-checking Ovie in the back as he was getting up.

  • R17a

    to chris: Thx! Title video – is corrected.


    Laich – Ovi – Downie = contact

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  • jeff

    2nd career fight? Federov – typically – was tough enough to throw a cross-check to the face, but too much of a flamer to throw punches. Typical Russians cant stick up for themselves and then cry like babies.

  • mcawful


    Buddy, you’re on the wrooooong site.