Semyon Varlamov: Downie “Justifies His Surname”

Some time after yesterday’s drubbing of Canada, Russia’s most excellent goalie Semyon Varlamov spoke with D. Ponomarenko and P. Lysenkov of SovSport.   Together they discussed exactly how dirty that game got and any cognitive impairments that Steve Downie may or may not have.

Semyon Varlamov: Canadians are always active in the first ten minutes [Ed. Note – CanadiEns, too]. They created some opportunities this time, too; but they didn’t score.  I don’t know why.

SovSport: Don’t be so modest.

SV: The Canadians missed a wide open net a couple of times, but I’m not going to say they have a weak team. Canada can win over any team with any roster, but we were better this time.

SS: You were surprised when Brooks Laich cross-checked Ovi, weren’t you? He plays for the Capitals, and Ovi is untouchable there.

SV: Canadians played very rough. Perry hit Ovechkin from behind when it was 3-0. It was very dirty. I’m sure, Perry wanted to injure him.

SS: What for?

SV: To not let Alex continue to play at Champs.

SS: It’s mean.

SV: Agreed. The Canadians have two dirty players: Perry and Downie. Last one just justifies his surname. You know what I mean. He behaved terribly.

(Photo credit: SovSport)

Varly speaks!(Photo credit: SovSport)

If Varly said the same thing in D.C., we would certainly expect some people taking offense. Before that happens here, let’s try to consider the cultural context in which that comment was made.  Varly was sticking up for his friend and teammate; the passion makes sense- even if the message is icky.

SovSport says they will more interviews with the team tomorrow, so Fedor promises to keep you posted.

And if you need to tick your unsubstantiated-and-usually-spurious-hockey-rumor-from-Russia checkbox, here’s some “breaking news”*:  SovSport reports Alex Ovechkin may not play against Germany. When asked, Russian assistant coach Zakharkin did not affirm or deny this report, but he did say that, “some roster changes will come.” All this follows Ovechkin missing a shift yesterday after receiving a slash to his.. err.. negative zone.

* NOTE:  The scare quotes are intentional.  Please note that Russian Machine has a dismal record when it comes to sharing hockey rumors from Russia.  Stuff is actually LESS likely to happen if we report it.

  • kayla fox

    I LOL’d @ Varly’s comment, NGL. 😡

  • R17a

    @dchesnokov Varlamov: “Perry and Downie played dirty. Downie’s last name is justified.” Varly hints that Downie has a Down syndrome.


  • Caps1974

    Down syndrome? I think he mean “down” as in downer, bad, no good. I couldn’t figure out what was meant by “had he said it in DC, people would take offense”… good gosh. There is NOTHING there.

  • CapsFan1975

    Downie is so dirty that even the Flyers got rid of him.

  • R17a

    to Caps1974: Даун (in Russian) – is only one sense: the person ill with a Down syndrome.