Alex Ovechkin Returns Home To Russia With A New Dog

Alex Ovechkin's New Dog

Alex's father Mikhail walks Gera, their new German Shepard, out of the airport.

Via, we have some earth-shattering, ground-breaking news today. Alex Ovechkin has bought a dog! Fedor Fedin has your translation below.

Alex Ovechkin, the best player on the Russian National Team, was one of the last to emerge from the airport after returning from the World Cup which finished yesterday in Germany. It turned out that Ovi actually had a matter to settle with the sanitary inspection and was asked to sign relevant documents for his new acquisition: a two-year-old German shepherd. Alex’s father, Mikhail Viktorovich, left the airport with the new dog. He came to meet Alex with his granddaughter.

Alex Ovechkin arrives home in Russia with his new dog Gera.

Alex Ovechkin arrives home in Russia with his new 4 legged friend.

“This German shepherd” rejoiced the father of the star hockey player, “is named Gera.”

While inside the airport, the German Shepherd barked at another dog belonging to the Russian Special Police. This should be a good guard dog for the young star’s family. However, Ovi himself did not behave as well as his new friend. He silently went to his father’s car, threw his bags in the back of the trunk and muttered “I’ll go with Sam,” referring to friend Alexander Semin. He did not make any comments to the press.

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  • At least he’s still ‘Rocking the Red’ on his head. Caps hat stays put through Russian smoking controversies and WC losses.

  • manda

    It’s nice to see a bigger dog getting adopted. I wonder if the dog was bred or is a rescue of some kind…

  • BobbyG

    Dogs love you unconditionally. They don’t judge, gossip, or talk behind your back. They are 100% loyal and devoted to you whether you win or lose, if you have a good day or a bad one. Gera might just be what Ovie needs right now.

  • BobbyG

    One more thing. Since when did not talking to the press constitute bad behavior? Considering how disappointed Ovie was after Russia lost, what did they expect? He kept his silver medal on when most, if not all, his Russian teammates took them off immediately after the medals ceremony. He was gracious in defeat as always, and behaved in a mature impeccable manner. After all that, he doesn’t owe the media a comment or a good mood either. Why is everything Ovie says or does fodder for these vultures and vipers? These people should get lives of their own and let Ovie live his.