Alex Ovechkin's bloodied mouth during the Gold Medal Game against the Czech Republic.

Alex Ovechkin's bloodied mouth during the Gold Medal Game against the Czech Republic.

Tonight– thanks to our comrade at Alex Ovetjkin— we found out that the Russian Machine had more dental work done at the World Championships.  TJ writes:

In the video posted at ( Tretiak says that Ovechkin has lost three teeth in addition to the one he lost a few years ago on the upper jaw.

It happened at the end of the final game vs Czech Republic when 3 teeth were knocked out of his lower jaw.

That got us thinking… What does Alex Ovechkin’s smile look like now? Here’s our best guesses using photoshop. Make sure to click on the photos to see them at full size.

Happy Ovi!
Alex Ovechkin minus three of his bottom front teeth.

At-Practice Ovi

Pensive Ovi

If anyone else wants to take a stab at what Ovechkin looks like now, send em’ over and we’ll put them up!

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  • BobbyG

    Uh, no thanks. The one missing upper tooth gives Ovie a rakish devilish look that enhances his charisma and charm. The three missing lowers makes him look like a homeless derelict, especially if he’s wearing those awful so-called designer jeans with all the holes and tears in them. Not only that, but he could have problems eating, plus his other teeth might start to grow together giving him a ghoulish vampirish look.

    Ovie, if you’re reading this (highly unlikely but what the heck), fix the lowers and leave the missing upper alone except to put the one you have in once in a while (not in photos) to keep your smile intact. Trust me on this. If you don’t believe me, check out the photoshopped pics.

  • @MoniMaz

    Great. Now Pens fans are gonna brag that Cindy has more teeth, too. 🙁

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  • mcawful

    They’re not missing teeth. They’re fucking speedholes.

  • Peter



    So far you’re batting 1000 on funny

  • M

    Whatever, I still would.

  • IRockTheRed

    Hockey players don’t do implants because of the risk of further damage to their jaw if/when they get hit in the face again. False teeth for eating, etc., is cool, but save the implants until you’re retired, Ovi. 🙂

  • The pictural evidence makes me feel like I’m in a horror movie. OVIE = Vamprie? OR ZOMBIE!!!!

    My friends started laughing and stated in Spanish: El Ovechkin ahora es mas chimuelo que antes!

  • ovifan8

    The Onion got it right…..for once the got it right……….kinda,10124/

  • johnnyjacked

    baby ur so beautiful