Semyon Varlamov: Downie “Justifies His Surname”

Some time after yesterday’s drubbing of Canada, Russia’s most excellent goalie Semyon Varlamov spoke with D. Ponomarenko and P. Lysenkov of SovSport.   Together they discussed exactly how dirty that game got and any cognitive impairments that Steve Downie may or may not have.

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For those who missed Thursday’s Russia/Canada game at the World Championships, here’s two videos of major interest via our great friend Dmitry who some of you may know as R17a on twitter:

The Brooks Laich Bodycheck on Alex Ovechkin That Started a Brawl

Sergei Fedorov’s Second Career Fight Against Steve Downie

God, I hate Downie.

Semyon Varlamov stops Brooks Laich on a shot attempt. Russia vs Canada World Championships.

Alex Ovechkin is separated by an official from going after Brooks Laich while Steve Downie whisphers sweet nothings into his ear.

Alex Ovechkin is separated by an official from going after Brooks Laich while Steve Downie whisphers sweet nothings in his ear.

Well, it wasn’t exactly a rematch of the Olympics, but Canada’s defeat at the hands of the Russians might salve some of the wounds from February.  In a 5-2 thrashing, some of the Russian Olympic team beat some of the Canadian Olympic team, and it only took 78 penalty minutes to happen!

Today’s game was noteworthy in that Brooks “Lugnut” Laich opposed a ton of his current and former Capitals teammates (Ovechkin, Semin, Fedorov, Kozlov, Varlamov, Rasputin, Zhivago) and didn’t evaporate any friendships in the process.  Aside from one tense scrum and a blocked wrister from Varlamov, the friendly rivalry was not a factor in the game.  What did matter was the steady drip of penalties leaking from the referee’s whistles.  Across twenty seven penalties, the officials dealt out 78 minutes of penalty time (30 for Russia, 48 for Canada).  If this wasn’t the most litigated pro hockey game you’ve seen in a while, I do not want to see your hockey games.

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Backstrom: Swedish for “Shöw Me The Möney”


When the Twitterverse found out that the Caps would make a “significant player announcement”, speculation ran wild:

  • Will Brooks Laich retire and become a NASCAR Inside Front Tire Changer?
  • Will Samantha Casey become a Red Rocker?
  • Will Slapshot become the new sponsor for Muscle Milk?

The answer was revealed today: Nicklas Backstrom has signed a 10-year/$67 million contract extension with the Washington Capitals. I know what you are thinking: “That’s a lot of IKEA furniture!”  However, Backstrom was due to become a restricted free agent July 1st, but now my unborn children may have an opportunity to see a Backstrom-to-Ovechkin goal.

A new question presents itself:  Is Backstrom one of the biggest bargains in the NHL, or will he be a cap buster for years to come?

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Samantha Casey is 2nd Runner Up for Miss USA

Proof that Miss Virginia is one of us.

Proof that Miss Virginia is one of us.

After making it into the Top 10, Miss Virginia Samantha Casey talks not about her humanitarian work, but HOCKEY!

It’s bittersweet, but we congratulate Miss Virginia USA and renowned Caps fan, Samantha Casey, for winning 2nd runner up in the Miss USA pageant tonight.  Samantha had all the beauty, intelligence, and poise one expects from a champion.  We Caps fans consider ourselves lucky to count her in our ranks.

(In the not-at-all unlikely case that Miss USA cannot perform her duties, the first runner up takes the crown, and Samantha will advance to Vice Miss USA.  And then comes coup d’état.)

Caps fans, please voice your congratulations for Sam in the comments below.  Let her know how proud we are of her.  While you’re at it, check out Love 146, the group Samantha helps to raise awareness for child sex trafficking.

And if you know of any other Caps fans are doing incredible stuff, like winning a Nobel prize or winning the Tour de France, let us know.  We’re here to support the fan community, and also we’re desperate for content.

Per Nate Ewell:


Capitals to Make Significant Announcement Monday, May 17, at 10:30 a.m.

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Washington Capitals will make a significant player-related announcement on Monday, May 17, at 10:30 a.m. at Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Arlington, Va. Media are invited to attend the announcement, which will be held in the team’s locker room at the practice facility.

WHAT: Washington Capitals significant player-related announcement

WHEN: Monday, May 17, at 10:30 a.m.

WHERE: Kettler Capitals Iceplex
Capitals locker room
627 N. Glebe Rd., Suite 850
Arlington, VA 22031

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Sunday night, we hope that all of you will join us in watching the Miss USA pageant live on NBC at 7pm and root hard for friend of the blog & ravenous Caps supporter, Samantha Casey. (Yes, we’ll be tweeting during it and yes, at times it should be hilarious, such as the confounding panel of celebrity judges which contains the likes of Paula Deen, Carmello Anthony and Johnny Weir. Well, at least my mom digs 2 of those 3.)

So which lovely lady will you be trying to pick out on the Las Vegas stage? Umm, this one:

Samantha Casey - Miss Virginia USA 2010 - models our Russian Machine T-Shirt before the Miss USA Pageant!

A good luck charm? Samantha Casey models our shirt in the dressing room before the Miss USA pageant.

OMG AWESOME!! Well since Sam left two weeks ago to get ready for the pageant, she’s managed to take some extremely gorgeous photos, stir up some controversy, mingle with a few celebrities and grab a very favorable 16 to 1 odds of winning the whole damn thing. And since like every other Caps Blog, we’re struggling for material, we’ll tell show you more!

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Hershey Wins 3-2! Chris Bourque Scores The OT Game Winner!

Chris Bourque Makes Sweet Music With His Stick After Netting The OT Game Winning Goal in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals

Bourque Scores, Bears Win. Hershey only 2 more victories away from returning to the AHL Finals. (Photos by Kyle M.)

Bourque Scores, Bears Win. Hershey only 2 more victories away from returning to the AHL Finals. (Photos by Kyle M.)

For Game 2 of the AHL’s Eastern Conference Finals, the Hershey Bears were in front of a sold-out and enthusiastic Saturday Night crowd of 10,726 and they did not disappoint. Chris Bourque tallied the game’s first goal with a slapshot from the right faceoff dot. The Monarchs’ Gabe Gauthier would then score back to back goals to make it 2-1. It would stay that way until the 3rd period when Hershey’s Steve Pinizzotto would score his second goal in two games and send it into overtime. That’s when the miniature-sized Chris Bourque would take in a pass from Keith Aucoin on a 2 on 1 and score short-side at 10:28 of the first OT giving Hershey their 5th playoff OT win of the year. Bourque’s (6g 12a) clutch second goal of the night also tied him for first place in the AHL Playoff Scoring Race with teammate Alexandre Giroux (10g 8a). Both have 18 points a piece and are now 1 point ahead of the Texas Stars’ Jamie Benn (who none of us have ever heard of).

Hershey now has a record of 10-1 in the playoffs and have won all 5 games that have gone into OT. The Bears will now travel to Manchester, New Hampshire and try to take a 3-0 series lead Monday.

Take a look at the rest of Kyle’s incredible photos from the game after the jump.

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My girlfriend teaches a lesson to her fifth graders: RUSSIAN MACHINE NEVER BREAKS.

My girlfriend teaches a lesson to her fifth graders: RUSSIAN MACHINE NEVER BREAKS.

Sometimes there are pinnacle moments in your life when you look at your significant other and go: Yes, you are the one for me. And today was one of those days. Since I was too busy slaving away on designing Vacation Rental Websites on the other side of Columbia, I’ll let Ashley tell her story. I hope you enjoy.

As a teacher in a conservative school, it’s not often that I get a lot of choice on my wardrobe. Today, however, was the finale of our spirit week, “Jersey Day.” Though I have managed to collect a few random t-shirts from the Capitals, Ravens and the Orioles, I have never made the jump to a costly Capitals jersey. So I donned my secret weapon, my incredible smile, and allured my boyfriend Ian into lending me his sacred signed Ovie jersey.

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Alex Semin Smokes, Russia Loses Its Dang Mind

Ovi and Sam

Alex Semin Smoking. THE DRAMA!!

Alex Semin smoking: THE DRAMA!!

Oh, the off-season.  While the Stanley Cup contenders whittle each other away, we Caps fans are left to look at the Russian media in confusion.  Today’s scrum over Alexander Semin smoking might set the standard for our hockey coverage  between now and September.  So, yay.

Using Fedor Fedin’s masterful translation skills and cultural insider status, we trace this thread to its beginning.  It all started when Ovie and Semin were in Russia before the World Championships.  They were dining at a restaurant when the intrepid and not-at-all-unscrupulous Russian press snapped some photos of Semin smoking a cigarette.  That’s when the insanity began.

CAVEAT: This isn’t exactly Dmitry Chesnokov-caliber journalism.  Let’s have a grain of salt and throw back this tequila shot of “news.”

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