Andrew Gordon continues his RMNB residency by providing a glance at the Hershey Bears’ trip to Texas.  In anticipation of tonight’s game (8:30 on Comcast SportsNet), Andrew shares some photos of himself posing with Mathieu Perreault in the locker room, the Bears boarding their jet, and Captain America John Carlson mugging for the camera on ice.



A view of the arena in Austin from the top row.


The jet to Texas.


Boarding and security.  Hockey players, apparently, can keep their shoes on.


John Carlson in repose.


Mathieu and Andrew and their playoff beeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaards.



It should be known that, at this point, Andrew has utterly shamed the Russian Machine writing staff and their measly output.  We vow to redouble our efforts to keep pace with Andrew in quality and quantity.

Once again, we thank Andrew for being so open with us.  His perspective is absolutely unique and invaluable to the fan community.  His open and thoughtful posts have created the precise kind of insight and togetherness we strive for on this site.

In a completely unrelated note, here’s a link to the Hershey Bears merchandise store. Vote with your wallets, people!

[Ed. note- This post was not written by Andrew Gordon.]

  • Sarah

    No offense guys, I love you all but you’re right, Andrew has totally put you to shame.

    Keep it coming, Gordo! Great stuff as usual.

  • boutros23

    Hairy, hairy Bears. Love Gordo’s input…

  • Your Nation’s Capital

    Srsly. Four posts in and he’s a major effing Star. Except that he’s a Bear and the Bears are playing the Stars. So he’s got to be a … celestial being.

    Ursa Major!

    Good luck and good skating, gents.

  • Carolyn

    Love the blog, the pics and the WIN!! Go Bears.
    Capitals website should be posting Gordo’s blog! He’s done an amazing job with it!

  • Ursa Major indeed! Go Bears, and Go Andrew! 🙂 Can’t wait for today’s entry!