Scenes From The Bears Calder Cup Fan Celebration

Last night was the Hershey Bears Calder Cup party at Giant Center.  RMNB could not attend, but our spies are everywhere.  From the aperture of Kyle Mace comes a parade of Bears images.  Let’s take a second to appreciate Alexandre Giroux‘s aviator sunglasses, maniacal beard, and spraying bottles akimbo. The man is one bass solo away from joining Motorhead.

Here is Kyle’s video:

Glorious stills after the jump!

Keith Aucoin

Keith Aucoin with the familiar “Are you not entertained?” pose.

Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon waves at his– dear God look at those arms!  It’s like someone transplanted horses’ legs on his shoulders.

Alexandre Giroux

Alexandre Giroux has been doing this for three days straight.

Alexandre Giroux partying

Probably because it looks so cool.

Alexandre Giroux sprays the crowd with champagne

Imagine a Kid Rock song playing in the background.

Andrew Joudrey

Center Andrew Joudrey incognito as a goalie.

Andrew Joudrey in Braden Holtby's Gear

Braden Holtby

I would do anything to get ahold of Braden Holtby’s video camera from the last week.

Bryan Helmer with his daughter

Bryan Helmer, portrayed here by Ted Nugent, celebrates with his daughter.

Chris Bourque holding the Calder Trophy

Chris Bourque holds aloft the Calder, seemingly undamaged.

Chris Bourque holds the Calder Trophy. His teammates try to rip his shirt off.

Things take an odd turn as Chris Bourque’s teammates decide the celebration must continue shirtlessly.

BONUS:  Andrew Gordon Hugs Someone’s Grandmother
RMNB reader Sarah shares her celebration story:

I’m a fan of your site and follow you on twitter. A hockey fan, I’m from the Hershey area. I was in attendance at game six and also made it to Giant Center last night for the celebration. I love that you guys got Andrew Gordon to blog for you – it’s easy to see he’s genuinely nice. Last night he proved that and did something so sweet that I felt like I should share.

Yesterday happened to be my grandmother’s 80th birthday. A long time season ticket holder, she’s one of Gordon’s biggest fans. After waiting over an hour in line to see him, not only did he sign a card saying happy birthday to her but I asked him to turn around a wave to her in the stands (as she was unable to stand and wait in line with me). He initially waved to her, but then he got up out of his chair, climbed over the boards, and got up onto the visitor’s bench to reach over to hug her. It absolutely made her day, and I was able to get a photograph of it for her to remember.


What a boy scout!  Dude is making the rest of us look terrible by comparison.  Maybe we can dig up some dirt on Gordo to even it out.  We’re hovering dangerously close to Tiger Beat territory lately.

  • amberlynne

    Can Gordo PLEASE be a Cap next year? What an amazing kid. I can’t wait to read his next blog!

  • Dee

    Gordo is just a sweetie…Class Act! I hope also to see him in a Caps uniform next year. CONGRATS BEARS! What an awesome season with a perfect ending! Thanks for taking the fans on a joyous ride!

  • Your Nation’s Capital

    He was so awesome in person I don’t think he’s even possible.

  • Gordo is a class act. His line was so long all night, not only because so many people wanted to meet him, but because he took the time to talk to every single person that came up to him.

  • Susie

    You mentioned Gordo’s arms in one of the pictures. Did you see his, um, legs, when he was hugging Grandma???

  • TrepFan

    Also, the security guards were going around cutting off the lines of people as the time was soon up for autographs and Andrew told them not to stop his line, that he would stay there all night until everyone who wanted to see him do so. Class act for sure!!! Best of luck next year Gordo!