RMNB's First Year Party Featuring Samantha Casey

On Saturday, July 31st, please join Russian Machine Never Breaks and current Miss Virginia USA, Samantha Casey, at The Front Page Arlington, where we’ll be celebrating our first year as a blog and Sam’s 3rd-place finish at Donald Trump’s Miss USA pageant.

We’ll be giving away a bunch of free RMNB stuff (wait until you see the keychains and koozies!), and we’ll be having a special raffle to benefit Samantha’s charity Love146. So far I’ve gathered a bunch of shirts to give away, a Mathieu Perreault-signed puck and a few team photos of the Bears celebrating with the Calder Cup signed by your boy, Andrew Gordon.  Much more to come!

As the date approaches, we’ll announce more details and some special guests. The  dress code is pretty simple: Either wear one of these or whatever you think is appropriate hanging-out-with-a-model attire.

For now, all that we ask is that you RSVP on our Facebook Page and help spread the word. We can’t wait to meet you guys and girls, talk Caps hockey, and finally meet Neil in person. It’s gonna be a blast. Mmm… beer.

For anyone out there who would like to donate anything to the raffle (gift certificates, etc.) and get some free publicity (I’m looking at you, Greene Turtle), please email us. Also, special thanks to Suzanne,  Oksana, and Jorge for all the help with organizing and planning!

  • Peter Hassett

    I’m so there.

  • Rick

    Only one year… and you all have definately put a good mark on local hockey news, views, and insight. Too bad I’ll be out of town 🙁

  • Anna

    I don’t get it. What does Ms VA have to do with the Caps??? First of all, yes the practice in VA, but they are the WASHINGTON Caps afterall, not the Virginia Caps!

    I’ll speak for many when I say enough with her and her non-stop Caps talk. Frankly, we’re sick of it!!!

  • Peter Hassett

    Hey Anna, let me see if I can address your point.

    Miss Virginia is a fan of the Washington Capitals. Part of our mission is to document the fan experience. Talking about notable Caps fans like Sam or Pat Sajak or Elliot in the Morning doesn’t strike me as too far afield from posting fan artwork or mocking Joe Beninati’s wardrobe. It’s all part of our universe, and that’s what we’re into.

    Further, Sam’s our friend. And besides, she’s gotten less coverage on our site than Justin Bieber has.

    I’m really sorry that you don’t dig it; I wish you did. It’s our goal to make RMNB a fun place for all fans, but that probably isn’t realistic.

    Thanks for sharing though. Why don’t you come down to the party, have a beer with me, and we’ll chat about it?

  • steve

    yeah because there are zero caps fans living in virginia. what a ridiculous comment.

  • Anna

    It’s not a ridiculous comment at all and I know I speak for MANY fans (because I’ve discussed it with them in person and on boards – male and female) when I say that there is way too much Miss Virginia exposure lately by the Caps organization, Comcast, and RMNB. The Miss USA pageant is over already. She didn’t win. Enough!

    What purpose does she serve by coming to this event anyway? She’s not a Washington Capital player or even directly involved with the Caps as far as I know. She’s a fan. So am I. Do you want me to come down there an hang out and tell people to come see me too? I highly doubt it. You all are so bowled over by a pretty face you’ll do anything. It’s really rather disturbing.

    She became an overnight fan having never seen a hockey game before she did the photoshoot w/Nick and Green. Then she proceeded to Tweet non-stop, 24-7 about the Caps, going to the Caps games (getting free tickets that she begged for and then immediately received over Twitter numerous times), going to the practices on an almost-daily basis (which I just don’t get when she lives an hour away from Kettler) and even hanging out at the mall at Kettler and at the Front Page constantly. What is the point? Is she trying to get a job with the Caps organization or what? Is she trying to go out with one of them? What gives? She proved to be absolutely horrible and uncomfortable on camera when she interviewed fans before a game on Comcast so I sincerely hope this will not happen.

    It’s amazing how she would just Tweet how much she’d love to go to a game that night and then magically, literally minutes later, she’d say “oh guess what, I’m going to the game, just got tickets!!!” Unbelievable. If anyone with any free tickets (hello Caps Org or Comcast people!) who was giving them to Miss VA constantly would give about 1/2 of the tickets she received to CHARITY or to DISABLED KIDS or someone DESERVING to go for free, I would totally applaud that idea! How about it??? Or are they not “pretty” enough to sit right behind the goal about 10 rows up???

    And you can throw in other “celebrity” names like Elliott and Pat Sajak, but I know for a fact those guys are absolutely not Tweeting about the Caps every single second and aren’t literally following them around like puppies. It’s kind of sickening the depths at which she will stoop to garner the spotlight. We get it, she’s pretty. And no offense Peter but you’re obviously a guy and to me she uses her looks to coast through life and get things handed to her with no effort (like tickets to every game she feels like going to), while normal, working class fans like me can’t afford to go to all those games if any. And before you accuse me of being jealous, I promise you, it’s not jealousy I feel for her and what she gets by batting her eyelashes at people, but honestly it’s disgust. Maybe if she had just been cool about the whole situation and quietly went about her business of doing all those things and getting all the stuff for free without announcing everything to the world it wouldn’t bother me nearly as bad. But she is a name-dropper and an attention-seeker and I personally do not like her association with the Caps and what the organization stands for. I was really hoping once she lost Miss USA that she would fade into the background.

  • Peter


    Again, thanks for the feedback. Frankly, I haven’t heard a lot about this before now, so I appreciate it.

    First, I should say that the lion’s share of our readership is female, and we value that. I know– for me personally– that my interest in Samantha is not about a pretty face. But I acknowledge that I can’t ask you to trust me on that.

    I think we’re walking a fine line, and maybe we’re stepping over it a few times. We want to write about things that are significant (in our estimation) to the Caps fan experience. GOAT and the Horn Guy aren’t players or associated with the Caps organization (maybe GOAT’s commercial changed that…), but they’re essential to fan culture. I would not argue that Sam shares that same connection, but we can’t deny that she has some. I think she merits at least some coverage on the site, and I think you’d concede at least that little bit while debating the extent of the connection.

    I think the problem (and I admit there is one) is two-fold. The message of our writing on Sam has been “Support this person from our community”, but the tone has been jocular. We joke a lot, and a lot of times we’re joking about the absurdity of beauty pageants. That Samantha, a dedicated student and a volunteer for a deserving charity (Love146), matches perfectly with the beauty pageant trappings: she’s model pretty. The writing style we developed here leans us towards being hyperbolic and lingering on certain points too long. The result is that we come off as buffoons fixated on a pretty girl. The buffoon part, I assure you, is deliberate and accurate to us as human beings. The “fixated on a pretty girl” is not, and I regret it. Frankly, it’s a bit demeaning.

    That said, if Samantha Casey were a troll hiding under the I-66 overpass, she’d still be deserving of coverage. She is not part of the Caps organization, but she’s just as Caps-adjacent as the artists we’ve profiled this year. I won’t entertain insinuations and aspersions to her character, and I’m not sure I should tolerate them either. My hope is to engender togetherness and cohesion among fans (while making jokes about Varly’s groin), and I worry that we’re drifting away from it.

    But the inescapable point remains: Sam is our pal and a significant figure in Caps lore (but definitely connected to the org no more than you or me). By virtue of her achievements in modeling and charity work, she merits discussion and deserves our support. I think I’d do the same for anyone Caps-adjacent (I like that term now) who is doing something awesome.

    As for the party, it’s a party. The more the merrier. Remember that we at RMNB are in no way associated with the Capitals. Mike Green blocks us on Twitter for crying out loud. I hope you’ll come, too. We’ll be able to talk it out!

    Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts. While I recognize how off-putting we’ve been and sympathize, please try to keep the invective, rumor-y stuff about Samantha out. Let’s keep it civilized at least until the Winter Classic.


  • Katie

    I have to say that I totally agree with Anna on her points about Miss Virginia and you’re ridiculous undying devotion of her on here. Please explain to me how she fits in with “Goat” and “Horn Guy” in Caps lore? We’re talking about people who’ve been long-time Caps fans (way before we got Ovie and was before we were doing well) and she is just a fair weather fan as far as I can see. A pretty face who tries to promote herself by riding the coat tails of others is how I see it. I don’t buy that if she was a troll living under 66 that you’d still give her all this attention and kiss her butt constantly like you do on here. You admit that your fan base is mainly women but yet you keep giving Miss Virginia all this constant attention. Believe me, we girls don’t want to hear about how beautiful, perfect or super smart she is or how big of a Caps fan she is any more. Thanks. Who’s with me ladies?

  • Okay let’s throw some truths out there. First of all, a.) I approached Sam about doing the party, not the other way around. So understand that. She’s my friend and as a friend I’m proud of her for doing so well out in Vegas. I definitely thought that what she accomplished out there was worth celebrating. And really, she’s obsessed with the Capitals. The night we met up, we spent an hour basically talking about Boyd Gordon’s back and if he’d be brought back or not. B) We had a great year full of a lot of hard work and I wanted to create an opportunity for us as a blog to meet our readers – especially since we all live in different places. Peter’s in Frederick, Neil’s in DC, I’m in Baltimore, Kyle’s in Hershey and Fedor is somewhere off on another continent. It’s hard to get us all together at the same time and same place, so I really wanted to make this happen. I also was cognizant about the fact that we are a first year blog and our connections beyond the hockey arena are weak. Since she knows the party scene much better than I do, I thought it was a natural fit.

    All this “Who’s with me ladies” talk is upsetting, but I suppose it’s what I get for selling her portfolio of photos so hard. But again that’s not her, that’s the 25 year old graphic design major from UMBC. So please blame me. I really am sorry if I ruffled some feathers or did something that upset you guys. It certainly wasn’t intentional. You are just as important to me as she is.

    Finally, it is tantamount for me to point out that Samantha’s Q/A ranked in our top 10 most viewed posts of the year. She does draw up a lot of interest. Look – we’re even arguing about her right now! You have to keep in mind that we are a blog and some of the things that we’re going after are: page views, exposure, and trying new and creative ways of presenting Capitals news (though having fun is our #1 goal). Did you like that Andrew Gordon blogged during the Calder Cup Finals? Was Barack The Red funny? Have you snickered or been proud of the Caps artwork we presented from some of our readers? Partnering up with a pageant queen for a party is along the same lines – at least in my opinion.

    If a handful of you aren’t supportive of our relationship with Samantha, then that sucks. I wish there was something I could do to make you feel differently. But I’m appreciative that you guys had enough courage to post your feelings (let’s stay respectul though). All that I ask is you bear with us as we continue to grow as writers and as a blog. We’ll certainly try to make you proud again in the future.

    Now if this apology of sorts doesn’t suffice, then please come to our party, so I can personally hug it out with all of you guys. I’m already about $1,000 in the hole for this. I really want you to take one of my Koozies July 31st. Thanks for your time.

    – Ian

  • Claire


    As you pointed out early on, RMNB is not the only group promoting Samantha Casey, so it’s important not to attack them. She’s a lucky girl who’s gotten a lot of attention very recently. I’m betting that won’t last forever, so who cares?

    I also think you exaggerate some things. To say that her home state doesn’t matter is ridiculous, because I’m betting that most Caps fans are from Virginia and Maryland. Also, to imply that new Caps fans don’t matter is unfair. I haven’t been a Caps fan much longer than Samantha but all my friends that introduced me to the sport don’t condescend. I thought the point of sports was to have something in common with others.

    I think your biggest beef is that she’s a new fan who’s getting attention because of her looks. That’s a separate issue that has more to do with our culture than it does with hockey or this blog. Her pretty face gets attention, even, as Peter said, with a mostly female reader base. I feel like, as a long-time Caps fan, you should be proud of the fact that someone with moderate fame has found the team and enthusiastically promotes it.

  • Sombrero Guy

    Love the work you guys do here. I’m hoping to make the party. It might be a friend’s going away party in Baltimore that night, but I’m going to help you spread the word whether I can make it or not.

    Also I’d like to commend Ian and Peter for such level headed responses to the bizarre attacks above. You guys handled that much better than most would have.

  • A great blog throws a party with an extraordinarily nice friend who happens to have a bit of fame to her, and someone has a problem with it. Unreal.

    Hoping to make it out there to celebrate your first of hopefully many blogiversaries, boys (and Ms. Virginias).

  • Cookie Monster

    As a female fan and occasional reader of this blog, I am offended by the attacks on Samantha. They sound like hate filled rants and are uncalled for. Why do some women enjoy tearing down other women? I don’ t know, but it is ugly and does no one any favors. I wish beauty pagents would die out, but that is no reason to tear someone down because they choose to participate in them and get a little fame from it.

    This is a party for RMNB. There is no need to get uptight about the invitee list. Have fun or stay home.

  • Anna

    First of all I want to say that I normally do enjoy what you guys do on RMNB. I am a fan of the blog and read it on a regular basis. I don’t usually comment, but this Miss Virginia constant promotion thing is just getting ridiculous and I had to get it off my chest and vent. Of course it’s not just you guys but the fact that she is over the top in her Caps devotion. Like I said above, if she had just been cool about it all and not tweeted about it constantly (and is still doing so), it wouldn’t have been nearly as irritating to me and others.

    Here’s some advice to her if she’s reading this: no one likes a braggart. Get your free tix and your free perks from everybody (for doing nothing but looking good) and keep it to yourself. And for gosh sake please stop tweeting about the Caps 24-7. No one wants to hear that you’re following them around all day while we’re sitting at work at our 9-5 desk jobs trying to earn enough money to buy ONE ticket to ONE game this season up in the 400 level nosebleeds while you’re enjoying your prime viewing spot from your 10th row seat (that you got for free of course).

  • @Sombrero Guy – Thanks for the support. Please convince your friend in Baltimore to have his going-away-party at ours! We are willing to do a three way party here.

    @J.P. – Thanks for the extremely kind comment and the support all year. We hope to see you there!

    @Cookie Monster – I’m offended that you consider yourself only an occasional reader of this blog. Your comments over the past year are at least in the double digits. Please come to this party so we can try and convince you to consider yourself a regular!

  • Debbie T

    You really made a mistake using her to promote anything with the Capitals….she is nothing like a true hockey fan and their are tons in this town…She is a phoney and doesn’t know anything about the game..She discovered hockey after her photo shoot with Nicky and Mike..She has not a clue about the game or the history of the team..Why did you pick her? Who cares about her. I am sure their are other people you could have used for this event..I won’t be attending if I have to see her phoney Caps love fest….She is a nothing and if she was not self promoting herself so much maybe we could accept her as the real thing and a new fan…

  • Tina

    What ruffles everyones feathers is her ability to get things for free (ie Caps tickets), when individuals who have been die-hard fans of the team are priced out and unable to attend. I agree with the poster who said it has more to do with our society, than it does with the Capitals organization. In other cities, celebrities get things for free, too; their attendance garners publicity. This isn’t some new concept.

    However, on the flip side, there are other attractive beauty queens who are hockey fans – What about last year’s Miss Virginia? She played hockey. What about Miss DC 2010? She grew up a hockey fan and sang the national anthem at a Caps game. Samantha isn’t the first beauty queen to adore the Caps, but RMNB treats her like she is.

    These points, IMO, is the root of these previous comments.

  • Kitty

    How does somebody as recent a fan as Sam fit into “Caps Lore”? Goat and the Horn Guy are established as true Caps folklore characters. Sadly, not so much the beauty queen that is apparently considering forgoing completing her degree at this time in favour of a career in entertainment.

    She only seemed to pop up on the Caps radar as a result of a photo shoot and there are many of us out here in internet land that find her more than a bit over the top. Good for her for being involved in a charity organization and having an outlet to promote it – but you find that there are those with the opinion that she is doing it more to promote herself.

    If you really want to document the fan experience why not deal with people that don’t have an agenda? What about the fans that dearly love the Caps but have no way to get to a game? I have no beef with other fans that are just regular Joe Blows who get recognized for their contributions to the Caps fandom, but it all seems just a little too convenient how Sam jumped onto the bandwagon as the result of a photo shoot – and I think it’s the bandwagon thing that has a lot of people questioning her continued involvement in anything to do with the Caps.

  • Whiter Mage

    Oh, holy crap. If this is the normal comments page, it seems like my kind of party and I’m sad I’ve been missing out. I’ve kind of read a few of the posts in the past, but I’ve relied mostly on linkages to the site from Japers’ Rink. Enjoy the work – if I start reading more I may stop by.

    Also, as a male fan, Miss Virginia being there doesn’t really do much for me – but the fact that she’s a massive Caps fan does. A friend of mine from college got through by doing beauty pageants (Also a big Caps fan) and she seemed normal enough outside of her gowns and swimsuits, I guess. Anyway, keep up your good work.

    For what it’s worth, I almost didn’t go to one of JP’s parties because Puck Daddy was going to be there. After talking to him, my opinion completely changed about him.

  • M

    Cookie Monster is right, they’re jealous little morons who do nothing but moan and complain about Miss VA doing her job, on this other site. The rants are indeed hate-filled, and stemmed in the fear that she’s only in it for Nicklas Backstrom.

    Some quotes:

    “And I dislike the fact that she has to garner the spotlight wherever she goes and she demands attention from everyone around her constantly. Trust me, Nicky would never go out with someone like her because he can see how plastic she is and that she has to have constant attention from men. And before you say I’m jealous of her looks, think again. I consider myself an attractive girl. No, I’m not a model or anything, but I do quite well, thanks. I wouldn’t trade places for her for anything. And that’s the truth.”

    “Besides, for all any of us here know you happen to be Ms. VA herself. She does strike me as being the sort of person who would rail against any possible negative view of her because it would show her possible employers that she isn’t loved by all. Really, it is a bad corporate decision to allow an organization to be represented by somebody who, whether she realizes it or not, comes across like an attention-starved twit.”

    “Did you guys see the blog re: the party with Ms VA on Russian Machine Never Breaks? I think it was posted yesterday. It’s about their one year anniversary party featuring our good friend Ms VA! OMG, can you believe it??? WHY is she involved in a Caps event yet again? I just don’t understand it at all. I am so sick of hearing her talk about the Caps. You have to read the comments too, they are really funny because a couple of women were complaining about their constant promotion of her on their site and how she talks about the Caps all the time and gets free tickets and tweets about it. Pretty entertaining! Man, I was really hoping she was just go away once she totally lost Miss USA!”

    “i didnt know the former ms va dropped out of school, the guys from RMNB really bragged her pretty well.. but since we all know in this era one cant fully trust the media, so.. as of her self-absorbed side of personality, i think it was quite obviously shown in the vid she did with green and backstrom- she always started her sentences using 1st-person singular(i, me), which is, uh, actually, a grammar mistake.. lol.. (cant believe im using this as an argument..)”

    “Yes, I totally agree about the self-absorbed personality of Ms VA. I think that’s what turned me off the most about her, besides the fact that she was basically stalking the Caps every day by talking about them non-stop on her Twitter page and going to practices and games round the clock. She lives like an hour away but yet was up here in Arlington like every freaking day for some reason. I mean I live here and could easily go to the practices a lot, but I would never go all the time! I went twice last winter and I felt like that was too much! Ha. I’d be embarrassed for one thing b/c I’d think the guys would think “what is up with that chick, she has no life and she’s here like every single day!” And I’m a nobody! Ha! But I’d still feel totally stupid for going there so much! The games are one thing, but for anyone who’s ever been to a practice it’s very “intimate” shall we say. The bleachers are small and if you’re sitting in the stands or standing there by the glass all the guys can totally see you and trust me, they LOOK at you too!!!! (If you’re a cute girl that is! 😉 HA!)”

    So according to these “ladies”, if you are a woman and you try to get close to the Caps, you’re an awful, stupid whore who’s just trying to get a man.

    This is nothing more than a bunch of fat schulbs pissed off that someone pretty is so close to their precious favorites. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

    So she’s new? Big deal, we were all new at some point, and just because she’s a beauty queen, her fan status is less valid? Get the f*ck out, and stop supporting the Caps, you’re all disgraceful.

    I am seriously embarrassed for these girls, because they have honestly deluded themselves into thinking they’re right.

  • Khloe

    Honestly, the entire Ms. VA thing has been taken to such a ridiculous height by creepy Nicklas Backstrom fans it’s pathetic. If Ms. VA is a fan of the caps, and in my opinion there is nothing wrong with being a “new” fan either, then what’s the problem? Sure, she is in the public eye, and is trying to make a name for herself, but so are many other people. These girls are threatened, maybe not jealous, but certainly there is something behind their motives for being so rude because they don’t personally know her. Judging someone by a couple videos or whatever they have seen is so immature.

    As a Caps fan, I don’t mind having her involve herself with the Caps. Because at the end of the day she is bringing more to the organization as a whole, and why worry about such stupid things in life? Really…

  • L

    Those comments…good lord, Caps fans. GOOD LORD. All I can say is that it’s really sad that the obvious, ragingly immature jealousy is overshadowing what promises to be a very cool event. And really – people giving themselves aneurysms over Samantha Casey’s involvement should maybe look past their tears to realize that she’s promoting a charity – and a very worthwhile one at that.

    PS: I only became interested in hockey during the Olympics. People can commence flailing that I am a horrible awful bandwagon fan, but what’s important to me is that RMNB has always been a place that is welcoming to new fans. And believe it or not, instilling a sense of community and friendship among fans of a sport that doesn’t really get its due here in the US of A is a lot more worthwhile than shunning anyone who wasn’t brought up going to games. So thanks, RMNB, for the site, and congrats on making it an excellent year full of Caps coverage that is by turns insightful and amusing, and often both. Were I not 19 I would buy all of you a beer not only for the great job you do, but for having to deal with people who can’t properly appreciate it.

  • Ashley

    M~ I seriously think YOU’RE the delusional one here. I can’t believe you took the time to post all these quotes from some ridiculous “who’s dating who” website! That’s a bit pathetic if you ask me. Wow, you must really have a boring life. And after reading all those quotes I don’t get why you’re so bent out of shape about any of it really. Apparently some people (myself included) don’t understand all the constant to-do about Samantha Casey. We’re kind of tired of hearing about her being associated with the Caps when she really has nothing to do with them whatsoever besides doing a photo shoot some months ago with a couple of the players. But she continues to talk about them ad nauseum and it’s pretty irritating.

    Hmmm, the more I think about it, maybe you are Miss Virginia??? Makes sense that you would take these comments so personally… Something to ponder.

  • Anna

    I like how you guys don’t post certain responses you don’t agree with I guess. I know I left one and 2 of my friends left comments as well and yet there are no new posts after this M person’s. Guess it’s okay for her to call us “morons” nad “fat schlubs” and use the “F” word freely, but it’s not okay for us to have a rebuttal to her. How typical. So much for the 5th amendment. Just keep pushing Miss VA and acting like she is the end all be all in Caps fandom. I, for one, won’t be back.

  • M

    The 5th amendment? How exactly is your right to not incriminate yourself being infringed upon?

    Thank you for proving your intelligence, as if the comments weren’t enough proof.

  • M

    And Ashley, it took me thirty seconds to do that, mainly because that was all that was there.

    The reason why I’m s

  • M

    The reason why I’m taking it personally? Because female fans are bashed and second-guessed just for being women by most male fans as it is, having to deal with it from other female alleged fans, is the last straw.

  • Peter Hassett

    Jeez, guys.

    I think this conversation has reached the limits of civility. I’m all for free discussion, but I can’t allow our site to host the sorts of mean-spirited stuff (on both sides) that’s erupting now.

    Ian and I spoke our peace in comments above (#9 and #7, respectively), but I think we have to cap this conversation now before it devolves further past the last remnants of usefulness. We’ve read every comment, and none have gone unheard.