First, we heard about it from Tarik.

Now, we’ve got video:

(All credit to Keith Mastromichails for the video.)

BB’s quote on that hit, as reported by the WP:

Kuznetsov is, skill-wise, pretty good. . .  I think we’ll have a word with Kuznetsov. Because in North America you can’t taunt or make funny moves. When he did that, he was having fun maybe, but he gave a little taunt to Holtby. After [the goal], he sort of went, ‘Ooooh’ and laughed him. That’s not going to go well with North American people. …And I’m going to have a little chat with Holtby.

We’ve spent the last week and change covering the Russian prospect Kuznetsov, but we’ve been chronicling the enigma that is Braden Holtby for months.  Both are undeniable talents with effusive personalities  So we’re torn.  What say you?

Update: Caps Snaps caught up with Holtby and Kuznetsov after the incident and got both sides of the story. Great read. Check it out here.

  • Rich

    We love Holtby here in Hershey, but that was what looked like an unprovoked slash. I’m sure Kuznetsov said or did something, but it would have had to be pretty nasty to invoke Braden’s response. I know he doesn’t like to get scored on and gets pretty unhappy when he does.

  • Taylor

    Holtby is a firecracker isn’t he? Sure he’s angry, but he just needs to relax. No big deal, its camp.

  • Mark

    I think Holtby was just channeling his inner Dallas Braden.

  • FedFed

    Didn’t see the vid (writing from mobile) but i think there’s no prob. I don’t see anything wrong to make fun in the dev camp, esp. for drafted players. And especially when it doesn’t come to the game moments.
    Kuz plays great, Holtby is nervous of his play in this camp, but… If you don’t happy it doesn’t give you a right to spoil other people’s happiness.
    So I’m all for Kuz. What’s better: make fun and play good or don’t make fun and play bad?
    And do we want ‘closed Russian’ like Malkin or partially Varlamov?

  • Holtby can definitely be fiery sometimes.

    Such as this classic “Braden Holtby hit of the game”:

    and “Braden Holtby diving poke check”:

  • Tim

    Holtby comes way out his net to play the puck, when there’s heavy pressure from a kid who can really fly – what exactly does he think the result is going to be, is he surprised? I wouldn’t be surprised if Kuznetzov said something, I would have as well if I’d hit the boards like that – but I highly doubt it deserved that slash to the back of the legs.

  • Wow. A goalie getting upset after letting one in on an unclean, not necessarily dirty, play? Never seen that before.

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  • breaklance

    While it did look provoked Hotlby’s action was rather dangerous for possibility of injury even if it was a love tap.

    I don’t mind Kuznetsov’s jawing. Round nhl all you get are bruisers and idiots who talk, would be interesting for a skill player to do it. But its also a dev camp and while it is certainly competetive to show off, most are technically on the same team.

  • Gracie

    I love Holtz, but suck it up, bro. There will be clowns in the NHL that will do worse to you than taunt you. You just gotta let it go.

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