One-On-One Interview with Dmitri Orlov


This is a language Dmitri understands. (Photo by Chris Gordon of Caps Snaps)

NOM NOM NOM. (Photo by Chris Gordon of Caps Snaps)

We’ve been fascinated by Dmitri Orlov since Fedor told us that Metallurg fans call him the Russian Bobby Orr.  As ludicrous as that title is, we can’t help but be impressed by the offensive-minded d-man called Dima.  His partner at development camp, Joe Finley, compared Dmitri to John Carlson and Mike Green, but he did point out the difficulties in communication.  Unlike Stan Galiev, Dmitri is not comfortable with English, only the universal language of cupcakes.  That’s why our pal Oksana Zolotar chatted Orlov up in the tongue of the motherland.

Follow us past the jump where we’ll learn about Dmitri’s trouble buying out his contract and overcoming his 5’10” frame.  Please note that Oksana refrains from asking Dima about Ian’s weird fixation on him.  Also, don’t forget to check out our interviews with Evgeny Kuznetsov and Stanislav Galiev if you missed them.

Oksana Zolotar: What are your impressions of Washington? America, in general? I know it’s your second time, has anything changed?
Dmitri Orlov: No, nothing has changed really. I like everything. I would want to play here, but I have to figure out several problems with my team so I could come here.  I need to buy out my contract. It’s a big amount that I can’t really give them right now. I’m still thinking because it’s not an easy decision for me, so we’ll see.

Dmitri Orlov seems eager to play in North America this year. (Photo by Neil Greenberg)

Dmitri Orlov seems eager to play in North America this year. (Photo by Neil Greenberg)

OZ: Do you still have any trouble with the communication? Language barrier?
DO: Yeah, of course, I do. I barely know the English language; I don’t understand too much. Stas (Stanislav Galiev) translates because he’s already played here for two years, and Zhenya (Evgeny Kuznetsov) has been in New York and has been studying it for a long time. I tried to study it a lot this year, but it wasn’t that easy.

OZ: Is it easier than last year?
DO: Well yeah, I understand much more, but I still can’t say much.

OZ: When the season’s over, do you relax a little bit in terms of training? Or keep at the same rate?
DO: As soon as the season ended, I went on vacation.

OZ: What do you think you have to work on to reach the next level? What weaknesses do you have?
DO: Well, I think I have to get stronger physically. I’m not that tall.  If I want to play in America, they have grown men that play here, much taller than me, bigger than me, so I need to get ready physically.

Dima tries to shoot the puck through traffic during Saturday's Scrimmage.

Dima tries to shoot the puck through traffic during Saturday's Scrimmage.

OZ: Next year, what are your goals.  What are your plans?
DO: For now, I don’t know anything about next season; we’re discussing everything with my team, and Washington, and making decisions. But I want to play here.

OZ: From what I know, you still have a contract with Mettallurg, can you give us a little more details?
DO: The contract is for two more years, but I said that I want to try myself here. They’re telling me to buy out the contract. They’re offering different options for me to stay home, but I think I still want to try here.

OZ: If you were to compare yourself to a famous player, who would it be? Why?
DO: Well I don’t know, I can’t compare myself, I think the professionals should be comparing me to someone, I just play the best that I can.

OZ: Dima, what about the number 9? Does it mean anything? Or is it just a number?
DO: No.  I just like the number, and I’ve played with it for several years… I just like the number.

OZ: What about the Russian guys that are training with you? Did you already know them? Or just meet them here?
DO: I’ve known Zhenya for a long time now, but me and Stas just met. He’s a great guy and I like spending time with them. Last year, Dima Kugryshev, who is having visa problems this year, was here. We had a good relationship, he helped me a lot with English translations.

OZ: What about the Russians here? Do you know Ovechkin? Semin?
DO: No, I haven’t met them yet.

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