John Carlson Signs Autographs at Blood Drive

All people who donated blood, got a Carlson Jersey T-Shirt and this AWESOME bobblehead. (Photo by Suzanne Kang)

All people who donated blood, got a Carlson Jersey T-Shirt and this AWESOME bobblehead. (Photo by Suzanne Kang)

Friend of the Blog, Suzanne Kang is a big Caps Fan. She also lives in Virginia. With these two requirements satiated, she’s fit to guest-write for our blog. Today, the Washington Captials hosted a blood drive for Inova Blood Donor Services in Sterling, VA. Here’s a recap of her day.

I’ve donated blood a time or two, both on my own and through blood drives. So suffice to say, I was expecting the usual: go in to a room full of stations, get stuck by a needle, watch Ian cry, get my blood drained, get a cool colored bandage and sticker, drink juice and eat cookies and go home. While the process of the actual blood donation was pretty much the same, there was one big difference.

Not only did we get the free juice and cookies, but all donors who at least attempted to donate blood received a thank you bag with a John Carlson jersey t-shirt and bobblehead. There was also some activity going on outside. Being that it was 100 degrees today, not too many people seemed that interested in the “block party” going on. While there was music, food, giveaways, an art studio and a street hockey set up in the parking lot out front, everyone was waiting in line inside for the main attraction. John Carlson, Captain America himself, was at the blood drive signing autographs.

While waiting in line to get my shirt and bobblehead signed, I learned that after signing autographs for the donors Carlson would also be donating blood himself. So, not only is Carlson a hero on the ice, but he’s also a hero off of it.

Getting cool memorabilia and helping save lives with a hockey player in the middle of July was not a shabby way to spend a Saturday afternoon. It was pretty much a huge win all around.




  • Sherry

    Captain America is awesome!!! actually Hockey players in general are pretty classy guys!!

  • manda

    Great post. It really was a huge win all around. And hooray! for all the donors, staff, friends and John Carlson who contributed to the drive today.

  • Alena

    I thought this was loads of fun and a great way to get people to come out.This was actually my first time giving blood. I’ve always wanted to, just never had the guts. Carlson has quickly become my favorite Cap, and I even splurged to get a jersey with his name on it. Unfortunately I didn’t get there early enough to meet him since right when I got there I saw him walk out to give blood, but I still think this was a great experience. I’ll probably donate a couple more times now that I know it’s not so bad. So even though he’ll probably never know it, I’d like to thank John Carlson for giving me the courage to donate blood, and thanks to the Caps organization for setting stuff like this up.

  • Phemknap

    This was a really great event. I’ve been donating blood since my freshman year of college (7 years ago). I’m from Hershey and have been excited about this event since it was posted in May. I even made a weekend of it. Went to Baltimore Friday and DC/Sterling, VA on Saturday. I missed JC because my appt. was in the evening, but I still got my bobblehead and T-shirt. It was a great event for a great cause! Kudos to the Caps and Captain America for being apart of something bigger than hockey!

  • Theresa Dawson

    Great post and cool pics Suzanne!! Great seeing you on Saturday. Even though I wasn’t able to donate blood due to low iron levels I still got the Carlson giveaways and bought a Caps blood drive puck and had them all signed by “Captain America”!! Great to see him take the time out of his schedule to make a special trip to N.VA to sign autographs for a couple hours for donors and employees as well as to donate blood himself – what a special guy he is!! Love ya Carlson!! Had a fun time despite the hot temps!!