Next Question: Bruce Boudreau

A sugary-voiced Brooks Laich and a booty-short’ed Matt Bradley interview Capitals Head Coach Bruce Boudreau below and ask the tough questions. You know, like “Are we going to get resigned next year?” and “Who’s a better dresser between you or Alex Ovechkin?” Finally, was that a nod to the sentiments of Barack The Red at the end there?

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  • Mac-daddy

    Good on BB for sticking up for Semin…he doesn’t deserve the flak that he’s been getting….and for the record I hope he doesn’t get traded. A key part to the caps no doubt.

  • Peter

    Is it just me or did that get awkward at the end?

  • Tim

    Hilarious. Brooksie, Brads, and BB are all such characters. I hope both Brooks and Brads get re-signed this season – the two of them both play with such heart and grit. And as much as I love Brads, no, he’s not 1st line material.

  • BobbyG

    BB is a better dresser than Ovie. I have yet to see the coach in those horrible torn shredded jeans that Ovie loves so much.

    Yes it did get awkward at the end. BB can stick up for Semin all he wants, but bottom line: how many goals did Alex2 score in the playoffs?

  • Brad S.

    What do you mean “bottom line”? How many did Alex1 score? Only 10 people on the caps scored, only 5 more than once. Why is everyone always hating on Semin? I’d love to have him on my team!

    He scored 40 goals during this season- already second best on the team, lead in shots both regular season and playoffs and although he didn’t score in the playoffs, he had some good chances! Ovechkin didn’t get that many in either, Halak was just THAT good. Last year he had 14 points during the playoffs.

    He also has an average of 30 goals AND assists per season, obtained with an average of 17 missed games per season, so you can’t really say you have a right to criticize him for not scoring, it’s not like he doesn’t do anything.


    Either way, I like the fact BB stood up for him. The interview was pretty funny, I just don’t like that guy lol Fingers crossed Brooks and Matt get re-signed! I don’t see it not happening, but you never know.

  • boutros23

    Brads has the slopiest shoulders. What a strange upper body.

  • sgirls3

    I thought it got uncomfortable at the end as well. I’m glad to see BB stick up for Semin but I thought it was rude of the TSN guy to throw that question out there. It turned a funny interview to sour grapes. Playoffs are over so lets get busy looking forward to our upcoming season.

  • Peter

    Semin scored exactly as many goals as most of the other forwards (and Green) in that series.

  • sasha

    It’s about time that Boudreau did stand up for Semin since he has a habit of not calling out other non-performers in the playoffs (Green/Flash). Frankly, I’m growing tired of Boudreau being a “character” and product pimp. Learn how to adjust your system in the playoffs please.

  • Peter Hassett

    Flash got scratched in game 7. Green’s defense wasn’t the reason the Caps lost the series. If you’re looking for the smoking gun, consult to the power play.

  • Brooks and Brads are sexy and funny and charming, as always. Bruce is always a hoot. I’m glad to hear him stick up for Semin. During the season he was quick to call out Semin but of course never says a harsh word about his golden boy Greenie. It was good to see him stand for Semin, who I think gets WAY more flak then he deserves. Fun interview, thanks for posting!!

  • sasha

    Agreed Peter but why wait until Game 7 to scratch him? We could’ve used Walker’s grit. And no, Green’s defense wasn’t the reason why the Caps lost the series, but he also wasn’t scoring so he had NO game. Still, Boudreau will angrily defend him when he’s called out in the press, but Semin he constantly throws under the bus.

    And if the power play was the smoking gun, then isn’t it fair to call out Boudreau? He’s the offensive genius right?

  • BB is such a jolly little chubbo. It’s so hard to dislike him. He has the Caps signature charisma. Also, he seems like a guy who appreciates a good noogie, and I can get behind that.

    I’m so glad he stood up for Semin. That poor little guy is always the redheaded stepchild. I’ve used the 44 shots defense before. Hearing Loose Bruce use it makes me feel like less of an asshole.

    I don’t understand why it’s so easy to keep flogging Sassy Sasha and completely forget about Green’s ridiculous game 7 cross-check that ignited a three-period shitstorm.

    How dare Landsberg mention a chump like Paul Newman in the presence of International Sex Symbol Brooks Laich? It’s a slap in the face. Brooks Laich could turn the Dos Equis guy gay.

  • BobbyG

    For the record, I don’t hate Semin, far from it. IMO he’s a very talented and gifted hockey player. I’m just pointing out that he could have done more offensively in the playoffs. But he’s not alone. To be fair, I think many more Caps could have done more offensively and defensively against the Habs. Semin’s name happened to come up in the video “interview” so my subsequent commentary focused on him. There are other names that could have come up that BB could have “defended” and I would have said the same thing I did about Semin.

  • @mcawful – OMG.. I have never heard Semin referred to as Sassy Sasha before… but I love it! (Can I steal it??) 🙂

  • @michelle I don’t even think I can take credit for that… There was a hilarious post on Hockey Is My Boyfriend ( the other day describing Semin designing “sassy” handbags. Although I may have put the two together, using “sassy” to describe Semin is bang-on, and it’s all hers.

  • BobbyG

    @mcawful: Yes, MIke Green in Game 7 definitely comes to mind when I think of other Caps who can shoulder some of the blame/responsibility for the Caps early playoff exit.

    “Semin designing “sassy” handbags”

    That explains a lot LOL. Was Semin Ovie’s “date” at a Moscow wedding last month? And wasn’t one of the gifts to the bride a purse/handbag?

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  • Tim

    +1 to props for BB for standing up Semin, the guy worked his @ss off and the pucks just weren’t going in; we got “Halak’ed.” And I don’t want to hear about the Flyers, they played MTL without MTL’s best player and one of the best d-men in the world [Markov, obviously].

    And whoever pointed out BB’s treatment of Green, my hat’s off to you – can that guy do anything wrong, in BB’s mind? Ever? Geez Louise, some of the decision-making you simply don’t see from NHL d-men; certainly not Norris Trophy candidates, in any case.