Barack Obama To Attend A Washington Capitals Game Next Year

mysticsPhoto by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

All those that thought President Obama would attend a Caps game before physicists figure out how to teleport an object all the way across the galaxy, please step forward to claim your prize. Wait a minute, everyone, not so fast…

All hope is not lost. The Washington Post’s new Caps beat reporter Katie Carrera informed us that Barack Obama attended yesterday’s Washington Mystics game at the Verizon Center. Those of us here at Barack The Red were instantly filled with heartbreak.

Even comrade Dan Steinberg agreed:

Look, I’m all for the President of the country — whoever he or she is — supporting the D.C. teams of all sports and genders. But at this point it seems like he’s going out of his way to spite the Barack the Red movement…I mean, I love the D.C. Divas, but if Obama goes there before he attends a Caps game, I’m crying foul.

We’re not going to wait: FOUL!!

Say it with us: FOUL!!

Tweet it: It’s time to @barackthered President @BarackObama

See, it’s already working: Then on last night’s SportsNite, Lisa Hillary asked Ted Leonsis a few questions after he sat court-side with POTUS.

At then at the 2:30 mark, it happened:

Lisa Hillary – “We know the Washington Capitals are near and dear to your heart. Might we see [the president] at a game this fall?”

Ted Leonsis – “Yeah. He gave me some grief there. He said ‘I was planning on coming in the playoffs but you lost in the first round.’

Lisa Hillary – “Wuh oh.”

Ted Leonsis – “He did promise me he would come to a game next season.”

So can we consider Barack The Red a success? Not so fast, homeboy. Until we see Barack’s ass Presidential Seal in the Owner’s Box with our own two eyes, we shall be dubious of this claim – no matter how many peanut shells and popcorn kernels Ted picks up off the floor.

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  • Taz

    Foul it is! Grief, shmeef. I wonder who prepared the talking point on that question? International crises not withstanding, POTUS should’ve been at the 1st game of the playoffs (though hindsight being what it is…). Heck, he should have been on the ice for the first puck drop!

    So when he finally shows, will there be a spontaneous and universal fan chant eruption of “it’s about blinking time”? Kvetching aside, it will be very cool when he finally makes a game.

    *sigh* …two…more…months…

  • The Horn Guy

    People seem to forget that Obama is a basketball guy. He played basketball, he’s a fan of the sport. All he knows about hockey is that he’s met some some guys who had their names inscribed on a giant silver trophy the past two years. I don’t begrudge him not coming to a game.