Submit Questions to Andrew Gordon For Upcoming Q/A Post

This week, RMNB’s gonna be on hiatus. But while we’re away, please submit us questions for an upcoming Fan Q/A post with Andrew Gordon on RMNB’s Facebook Fan Page here. We’ll be taking your best questions and shooting them over to Gordo to answer. One question he’s already agreed to respond to is this:

tfirey – Gordo: I have a lot of questions about how pro athletes train (as it’s a world that I’ll never know — alas!) Can you tell us what you do in your workouts? Are any exercises hockey-specific, as opposed to standard endurance and strength-building? How does your routine change throughout the year?

I was always wondering that too. Welp, you guys have a great week. We’ll be back in no time!

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  • MegS

    Andrew-Do you stick to a pretty strict diet during the season or are you burning so many caloires that anything goes? Any guilty pleasures (food wise) you can’t give up during the season?

  • Andrew – What’s your favorite / least favorite thing about working in Chocolatetown, and what’s your favorite Hershey product (and why?)

  • BobbyG

    –Do you stay pretty much on an even keel emotionally overall throughout the season, or do you have dramatic peaks and valleys? If you have dramatic ups and downs what do you do to recover?
    –Continuing the subject of handling one’s emotions: what do you do to ramp up to get yourself motivated for play on game days, and what do you do to ramp down at game’s end? Is it the same win or lose, or do you do different things based on the outcome of the game?
    –What would you say are some of the best motivators–teammates or other factors–that have the most positive influence on your play? Is there anything that could have the opposite effect?

  • Andrew:
    – What is the most serious injury you have had to deal with?
    – What did you do in order to work though it? (Rehab exercises, etc.)?
    – What do you continue do to keep it from recurring?

  • codyb

    Andrew-I am 9 years old and learning to play hockey. I eat, sleep, and drink it. At my age do you have any advice to keep me focused on my dream of becoming a professional hockey player. I have started by learning to skate this summer, taken a clinic at my local rink, and have signed up for the Jr. Bears Inhouse Clinic. I am looking forward to seeing you this year at the Bear’s games. Thank you for your time.

  • FireFly

    Andrew- What do you do on your days off to relax and distract yourself from hockey during the season?