Today, Semyon Varlamov started his own blog in the Russian language. It’s based off of LifeJournal technology and is a part of the blogging network in one of the biggest Russian sports sites – Varly’s blog is entitled “The Last Stronghold of Capitalists.” Take a look here.

Below the fold is the English translation of his first post:

Hi everybody!

Today I, Semyon Varlamov, open my blog on “”. Living in another country, it’s very difficult to keep a connection with our hockey fans. So, please come here and comment. I’ll be very happy to answer you back.

In my first entry I want to tell you how I am doing this summer. After the World Championships (honestly, I was very disappointed with silver) I was in Spain with some friends for a week, then I had a little vacation in Turkey. Sea, sand, sun… and yeah, I didn’t forget to come home. In America I missed my friends and family a lot. So, when I have an opportunity, I try to come over, meet everyone, and get filled with positive emotions.

At the beginning of July I started my independent training, went to the gym, & ran on the hippodrome (when there were no horses, for sure). We have a great hippodrome in our city, I recommend it to all of my fellow-townsmen.

When August started, I flew back to Washington. I’m training here now, and continue to get ready for the season. It’ll be pretty difficult one for sure. The Capitals are planning to place their bet on young goalies. And who will become the starting goalie depends on how me and Michal Neuvirth show ourselves. Maybe, we’ll start off playing in a rotation and then we’ll see… I’ll do my best to become the starter!

I recently leased an apartment in Washington. It is a 10 minute walk from our training facility, so now it is time to decorate. My mom is helping me, and she flew over to help me adjust with my new life and help give moral support. I have an Internet connection, so I’ll be around often. Please write to me.

  • Sherry

    Very exciting and how cool is it i heard about it first on RMNB!!!! Keep up the good work guys!!

  • Great translation, Fedor. It made so much more sense than the one Google Translate gives.

  • @monimaz

    Just what we wanted but were afraid to ask! Thanks Varly. You are #1!

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  • Pani Wladca

    Translation certainly makes more sense than Google`s version, but I think it could be more accurate. I don`t think he actually said “it`s very difficult to keep a connection with our hockey fans”, more literally it is: “I (really) want to maintain relations/keep a connection with hockey fans and our supporters (very much)” or I`ll change “I’ll be very happy to answer you back” into “I`ll respond to all of you with pleasure”. Also, I think “navernoe” express more probability than “maybe”, I`d even say it should be “for sure” – it seems to make little difference, but “We`ll surely start off playing in rotation” says clearly that Varly realizes that he is no an absolute number 1 yet. I would also attach to the translation the informations about his location and his mood – maybe it has no meaning and writing each one of his post he will be happy and in Washington, but I guess as long as you provide translation most of people won`t pay any attention to the original.
    OK, I complained a bit, but I must admit that you do a great job translating such things into English so that English-speaking Caps fans can find out more about Varly, because he is amazing player and charming person! Congrats to Semyon and thanks to Fedor 🙂

  • BobbyG

    Way to go Varly! I look forward to reading your blog during the Caps season, with the help of translation.

    Also, good for you for returning to DC very early to continue your training. It’s nice to see that as much as you miss Russia, you are making a great effort to also connect with America.

    You sound very determined to make a huge impression as the Caps starting goalie. I wish you good luck and success! Have fun decorating your apartment!

  • FedFed

    Pani, I’m partailly agree with you. Sometimed you just have to translate a little more than just words; you have to translate thoughts. Thanks.

  • Pani Wladca

    I absolutely agree, you always have to translate thoughts – if somebody`s looking for a mindless translation, Google is your friend. Even though I believe the translation should be as accurate as possible. Oh, I am always over-reacting when it`s going about translations. I just see all these little differences. Hey, don`t get upset! Your translations are great, I am just linguistic pedant 🙂 I simply voiced my opinion, don`t take it personally.

  • Fedor Fedin

    I was a linguistic pedant before I started to translate. LOL