This is the first video I’ve seen where Semyon Varlamov has spoken in English, and boy is it adorable. In the advertisement above, Varly invites fans to come meet the team at the second annual Capitals Convention at the Washington Convention Center on Saturday, Oct. 2.

But there’s a bit more to this 15 second clip than Varly’s high-pitched english, manicured eyebrows and accompanying gold chain. It’s clear that Semyon is on a mission this year to change things up after missing most of last season with various groin and knee injuries. He returned back to DC more than a month and a half before training camp, changed his number to #1 (hint, hint Neuvy) & today started his own Russian language blog. Wuh oh. Somebody’s extra motivated.

In a recent interview with Sport-Express translated phenomenally by Japers Rink, Varly even talked about strengthening his body so that he can handle starting 65-70 games this year and shedding the image that he’s injury prone.

So sure, the video above is just a commercial. But we’re really happy to see that Varly is publicly giving English a try and finally starting to show off some of his awesome personality. Learning a second language is difficult and it’s cool to see that he’s making an effort to connect with us fans more.

Now, if only Sasha Minor had the same attitude..

A huge tip of the hat goes to Nate Ewell for setting up this video so it could be embeddable on our site.

  • Taylor

    HES SO ADORABLE, he needs to speak english more often.

  • …………………


  • Tim

    That was awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing what Varly can do this year with the extra training he has done.

  • Mily

    Ahaha, “Click on me”.

  • arakakij

    Well done Varlamov!

  • Your Nation’s Capital

    Awwwwww. *cuddle!*

  • Mo’s Mom

    So glad to see him coming into his own…now onto a new season & the quest for the only thing missing in our hockey lives…the Cup !!

  • Heather

    awwww….that was adorable. It’s awesome to see his personality come through…a side of him fans haven’t really gotten to see! Love it and hope he continues to learn English and reach out to fans.

    In Varly I Trust.

  • @monimaz

    I wish I’d named my dog Varly instead of Alex.

  • Claire

    awww thats soo cute 🙂

  • congero

    This in no way erases the nastiness directed at Brooksie in Cologne. Being a good teammate means more than being cute in TV! switching jersey to #1…pretentious!

    If he just acts cool like OV I would be happy.

    Also I don’t care if Semin doesn’t like to give interviews in English! Everyone is different.

  • Jen

    That is one fantastic laugh.

  • that is truely awesome. Blog: check. Commercial: check. All he needs is a twitter!


    YA ochen” lyublyu ego zlotoe ozerel”e! eto ochen tipichniy russkiy. AAAAH! SLISHKOM SIMPATICHNIY!!!!! :-)))))

  • Nicole

    This ad gets better and better every time I watch it.

  • Amazing. I loved that. How did he age like 5 years in one summer?

    The Varlster needs at least 16 more gold chains to be a part of the Ovi/Sasha bro-down club.

  • Oh, Varly, you are so cute.

    (Why is it that the cutie-pie reaction seems to be the universal reaction so far?)

    @congero: do you have a link regarding said nastiness? I hadn’t heard about that…

  • BobbyG

    Believe me, Varly, I’d love to attend the Caps Convention too. Unfortunately, distance and lack of finances make that impossible now.

    Kudos to you for taking on English (are you listening Alex2?)

    You don’t need more gold chains, and you don’t have to join any Russian troika with the two Alexes. Let Ovie and Semin be themselves; stay true to yourself and follow your heart.

  • AB

    Varly isn’t being pretentious. He wore #1 in Russia and he said he just never felt right wearing #40.

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