Ovechkin Speaks!

Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

A full week after his first appearance on Russian radio this summer, Alex Ovechkin made his second appearance on the radio station Mayak, Saturday.  Ovi spoke with Regina Sevostyanova and their conversation covered a variety of topics including Russia’s failure at the Vancouver Olympics, how the Russian National Team should respond in Sochi, and the dreaded smoking scandal.

Below the fold, we translated the Sports.ru article which did a transcription of the interview.

Alex Ovechkin: “I don’t think our World Championship team was better than the one in the Olympics. But even if one version of the team was better than another, it doesn’t mean the first will win. Coincidence, they scored, we didn’t. Everyone wants to win. No, the result of the Olympics and World Championships aren’t haunting my dreams. I try to forget such moments.”

“I reacted positively to the contract extensions of [Russian coaches] Vyacheslav Bykov and Igor Zakharkin. If we’re looking towards Sochi, we need to do some preparation and we need to think about what we should do and how. What we need to take from the [gold medal-winning] Canadians is this: After the Torino Olympics ended, they began scouting the players they would face in Vancouver. And it worked. We must look to the best. The match with the Canadians, of course, is the most fundamental. It’s like dessert after a good dinner.” [Ed Note: Russian sayings are the best..]

“The National Team has a backbone, which is created by the coaches. Those guys are the leaders, the players team always need. Sometimes coaches choose players who are less talented, but can create a hard-working atmosphere. We need them, too. Every player on the team, including the coaches, completely trust and understand each other.”

“In regards to the story about smoking during the World Championships, I can say that everybody has their own life and does what they feel they should do. In America, for example, you can drink and smoke — you just have to provide the result. We didn’t get the job done in Germany, we were only second. But if you saw how hard we fought, you can’t say we lost due to that story. It’s ravings. People who publish this kind of stuff, don’t care for the Russian Team. They are traitors in my opinion.”

TJ of Alex Ovetjkin also found some more interesting Ovechkin quotes from the same show. In his translation Ovi talks about if he has a Facebook, which famous people he’d like to meet, and if he would ever run for public office. Check it out.

  • BobbyG

    Thanks for posting this and cross-referencing TJ of Alex Ovetjkin where I also post. The photo is terrific too, comparable to the sepia photo TJ chose for showcasing Ovie’s passion and intensity. This is the Ovie I want back this coming season–determined, refreshed and exorcised of all his demons. I hope Ovie can channel his feelings and any lingering negative emotions about unfinished business–his fury, anger, frustration and disappointment–into a monster season. And not only for individual personal stats and awards, but where it matters most–Stanley Cup playoffs success. GO OVIE!

  • Ovi: In America, you can drink if you are over the age of 21. In America, you can smoke if you are over the age of 18. Two of these three players were neither, and THAT, IMO, is the problem, not the drinking and smoking itself. The age for that was, I believe, 18, was it not?

    I’d love to ask what Ovi has to say about underage drinking and smoking, not just drinking and smoking in general…

  • lulu

    “I Rock the Red” — I believe he was referring to the Semin-related smoking incident incident in Cologne before the World Championships, not the three Czech players a couple of weeks ago…….