What Is Alex Semin Worth In Fantasy Hockey?

As close as we could get to Alex Semin in a Fantasy!

“Is it October yet?” takes a back seat to “Is it Draft Day yet?” for us Fantasy Hockey poolies. We eagerly wait to draft Ovechkin or any other Capitals our forwards, defensemen and goaltenders and trash talk our way to victory! However, one player’s value seems to be fairly uncertain: Alexander Semin. ESPN has him ranked as the 8th best player overall for your fantasy team, while Yahoo’s Puck Daddy ranks him 33rd. We here at RMNB try to answer the most important question facing you on draft day: What is Semin worth in fantasy hockey?

Coming up with a draft list for a fantasy hockey league takes planning and some tempered expectations. If you give-in to impulses, you’ll find yourself in trouble. And by the end of the draft, make sure you have drafted well enough to get quality players at each position. If not, you will be on the outside looking in come playoff time.

The league you are playing in will determine a large part of the value. For instance, most leagues count goals, assists and points – categories which Semin performs well in year after year. If your league also counts Power Play Points and/or shots on goal then Semin’s value could increase depending on roster sizes and number of teams in the league. However, being ranked 8th or 33rd leaves a lot of room for error, so let’s see if we can narrow that down a bit.

We will use stats from the last three years to determine Sasha’s initial value and then make some projections for age/linemates/playing time to determine where he could rank in league that uses the following structure:

  • Snake draft” format
  • 10 Teams
  • Roster of C,C,LW,LW,RW,RW,D,D,D,D,G,G + 8 bench players
  • Skater categories of: Goals, Assists, Points, Plus/Minus, PIMs
  • Goalie categories of: Wins, Save %, GAA % and Shutouts

If you’re thinking: Semin cleans up in most of those categories you are correct, which is why when we look at the Top 15 rankings below we side more with ESPN than Yahoo’s ranking:

Rank Player Age Pos Team Pos. Rank
1 Alex Ovechkin 24 LW Was F1
2 Sidney Crosby 22 C Pit F2
3 Daniel Sedin 29 LW Van F3
4 Dany Heatley 29 LW SJ F4
5 Nicklas Backstrom 22 C Was F5
6 Alexander Semin 25 LW Was F6
7 Steven Stamkos 19 C TB F7
8 Zach Parise 25 LW NJ F8
9 Mike Green 24 D Was D1
10 Duncan Keith 26 D Chi D2
11 Henrik Sedin 29 C Van F9
12 Ryan Miller 31 G Buf G1
13 Ilya Kovalchuk 26 LW FA F10
14 Drew Doughty 20 D LA D3
15 Rick Nash 25 LW Cls F11

Semin comes out ahead of some other high profile skaters, such as Ilya Kovalchuk (who may be playing in the KHL) and reigning Hart Trophy Winner Henrik Sedin. He even ranks higher than Steven Stamkos and Zack Parise. Now you see why it is called fantasy hockey.

Whether he is taken 8th or 33rd in your draft one thing is for certain: With Ovechkin, Backstrom and Greenlife52 in the Top 10, expect Alex Semin to make a major impact to any fantasy squad in 2010-11. And maybe the Capitals too.

  • Tim

    How does Yahoo put Eric Staal and Ryan Getzlaf ahead of Semin? Just the sheer number of points he puts up should put him much higher than either of them. And judging from comments on that list, a lot of other people think it’s terrible too.

  • FedFed

    RotoWire ranks Semin 3rd. As I remember, 3rd.
    I think, Semin is very good 3rd round bargain for those who play on Yahoo.

  • barb

    probably semin got ranked lower than his talent indicates because outside people are starting to listen to all the stupid caps “experts” who run him down and say he’s worthless because they don’t like him personally.

    i just hope sasha himself doesn’t start listening to all the idiots. probably a good thing he doesn’t read much english.

  • CapsFan1975

    Semin and Parise had very similar statistics last year so they should be close in fantasy rankings. Last year, I would have rated Stamkos ahead of him. Agree that ESPN’s ranking is more on the mark for him than Yahoo.

    Fans are ready to dump him since he couldn’t score this playoff series. (I guess you’re only as good as your last playoff series or two.) He had formerly done well in the playoffs (Flyers series in 2008, Rangers series in 2009). Hurt his thumb and didn’t score vs Pittsburgh in 2009 but had several assists. We don’t know what happened in 2010. Lots of shots and nada even though his average shot distance was slightly closer than the norm for him so it wasn’t like he was taking more “long shots” than normal. (But then Laich, one of his line mates, was also in a slump, which didn’t help either.)

  • Peter Hassett

    Who did that illustration? It’s great.

  • Elyssa

    That animation they play when he scores (pictured at the top of the post) always makes me think of Metalocalypse on Adult Swim…it could’ve been taken straight out of the show intro, seriously 😛

  • I know what Semin is worth in my fantasy….*cough cough ….hockey 🙂