Alex Ovechkin talks about the Sochi Olympics

Any article that captures Alex Ovechkin’s awesome personality is a total win in our book. Hence why we sent Fedor off to translate this story where a reporter asked Ovi and several other famous Russians what they think the mascot should be for the upcoming Sochi Games. Take a look below!

Ambassadors of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, Alexander Ovechkin, Natalia Vodianova, Oksana Domnina and Maksim Shabalin, Albert Demchenko, and Alexey Voevoda, supported a website that accepts public designs for the new Olympic mascot. They also offered their own ideas.

“The mascot should be funny, ” Ovechkin said. “I suggest a sheep (Ovechkin’s last name means sheep) either with a hockey stick or on top of a snowboard.”

Model Natalia Vodianova said she’d like to see a white tiger as the mascot. “It’s an endangered species and it needs our support. I’ll draw my tiger not as a toy, but graceful and beautiful. I like the belt which was used for the Bear (1980 Olympics mascot), and I’ll borrow this”.

Former figure skating world champion Maksim Shabalin believes that the mascot should be a kind animal with a moving and shy glance. His partner, Oksana Domnina, is convinced that the mascot will be a dolphin who personifies the beauty of Sochi’s nature.

Luger Albert Demchenko chose the golden fish (Russian Folk Lore) which executes wishes and will bring a lot of wins for the Russian athletes.

Two-time Olympic medalist in bobsled Alexey Voevoda thought that the sea horse would be the ideal mascot. In Russian, “horse” means “skate” as well, and that’s why he offers this.

  • …..I’ll draw you a funny sheep w/ a hockey stick, Ovie! C:

  • iwearstripes

    Cure for Semin’s playoff struggles = Goldfish.

    Delicious, grant wishes, and bring wins to our abnormally Russian roster.

  • How about a sheep with a hockey stick on a snowboard. Demented? Of course! It’s a new sport. Downhill Extreme Hockey. You grab the stick, hop on your snowboard, and slide down, trying to put as many pucks in nets on the way down as you can in the shortest amount of time possible!

  • Darla

    Something along the lines of the Demon Sheep from his Olympic skates?

  • BobbyG

    @Darla: thumbs down on Ovie’s demonic evil-looking sheep from the Vancouver Olympics. It’s too way over the top and besides that, it brought him and Team Russia no good luck there. I hope that thing is retired–permanently. If Ovie is as superstitious as most hockey players, it probably already is history.

  • @BobbyG – If Ovi is as superstitious as most hockey players, he probably burned the skates and melted the blades down in a fiery furnace.