Semyon Varlamov Finally Breaking-In New Mask Bought Last Year


Semyon Varlamov took to the ice this morning sporting a sharp-looking freshly painted goalie mask. You know, that one he purchased way back in January and wore in a rehab-stint with Hershey right before the Olympics. Well it appears Varly’s finally breaking it in for good this time for the upcoming season [Ed Note: Nope, bad assumption].  

Since I was at Kettler I decided to take a few photos the of the red mask which is a majority Capitals-themed, in contrast with his mask last year which was split between the Caps and Russian halves. The mask features Varly’s nickname on the chin with American and Russian flags, airbrushed eagles (single on the right and double on the left) and the word “Capitals” on the sides, a beautiful Weagle surrounded by red stars on a white background on the top, and a solid red back with several white stars.

Follow us past the jump for some more photos.

Click on the photos for bigger versions.  Enjoy!





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  • Heather

    I’d like to see the other side before I judge. But so far, I am enjoying it.

  • Varly in Revokes?!?! Whatinthe……

    Weagle. Heh.

  • Sal gambino

    Wrong!!! It’s a capitals and Russia theme not only capitals. One side is the bald eagle and the other, that u see here, is the 2 headed Russian eagle. Made by Daveart in Sweden. He Got it in January is correct.

  • Tommy

    Here’s a link to his mask on DaveArt. I’m still waiting for mine to get painted by him, but Pro’s get preference (of course!)

    I’m happy that he’s changed to the Revoke Pro Zone’s though! Now I can say that I have the same pads as Varly!

  • Darb

    Oh wow, there’s mini weagles all over the place. Great accent work.

  • Darla

    It’s gorgeous. Can hardly wait to see it up close here in Anaheim in February!

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  • BobbyG

    From what I can see I like the mask a lot. It’s an expression of who Varly is, his personality. He wears it very well!