Braden Holtby Debuts His New Goalie Mask on Caps365

Today, Hershey Goaltender Braden Holtby showed off his new Capitals Mask to Mike Vogel of Caps365. Among the notable things that were discussed:

  • Holtby had an artist in Sweden paint the mask.
  • The process took a week to complete and was done all through email.
  • The back of the mask features flags of Saskatchewan and Alberta, the text Carpe Diem and a Japanese symbol which means “constant improvement.”
  • Braden is having the artist design another mask that he’ll wear Opening Night in Hershey. And he sounds worried it’ll arrive on time.
  • No word if any Russians were injured in the making of this mask.

Below the fold, check out all sides of the helmet in all its screen-captured glory.


Left side of the mask


Detail of the Eagle


Right side of the mask


The number 70 on his chin.


The back of the mask

  • Fedor Fedin


  • I noticed the Saskatchewan flag on Holtby’s mask during the playoffs (the green and yellow is pretty distinct) but couldn’t make out the other flag.  I see from these pictures that it is the Alberta flag.  I’m guessing that’s because he was born in Lloydminster, SK which is actually located right on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border.  Cool.