David Steckel and Mike Knuble At Redskins Cowboys Game

David Steckel and Mike Knuble at Skins Cowboys Game

Mega-sports-celebrities LeBron James and Dale Earnhardt Jr. were at the Redskins Cowboys game tonight. One rooted for the good guys and one rooted for the bad guys. That’s cool and all, but we here at RMNB don’t give a crap about them. (Though Dale Jr. was awesome in that one Three Doors Down video.) What we care about are guys with character. Guys who will take out my trash if I need them too. Guys who will awkwardly attempt 70 yard field goals with pucks on a wooden platform while in really tight polo shirts. So when we saw that Stecks and Kanoobs were hanging out at tonight’s Skins game via a Ross Hollebon photo, we had to put it up.

S/T to Melissa (@Love4Greenie) who first alerted us to this photo.

  • Jimmy Milstead

    Huge Caps fan relocated in Washington State and would have to go with Ian’s. Went to high school with Homer McFanboy so I hope this does not offend Neil. Both were great though! Let’s go Caps!


  • Jimmy Milstead

    My bad…..I thought that was for the best voicemails ever segment….Steckel and Knuble keep on doing it! Let’s go Caps!

  • Are Stecks and Knuble on a NFL-stadium world tour? Either way, their blossoming bromance is starting to rival Laich-Green, Ovechkin-Semin, and Fleischmann-Himself.

  • Hard to disagree with that, Krafty. haha.

  • @Krafty
    “Fleischmann-Himself” funny junk. Yep, I’d rather see Caps at the game than the obligatory LeBron closeup. Doubt any local folks noticed it as well. Of course, Comcast, *the station that actually shows the Caps* could possibly do this since they, you know, might want to actually build a reciprocal relationship with the hordes of ‘Skins fans that they should prefer follow their hockey content when the ‘Skins aren’t playing.