New Varly Blog Post: “Getting Ready For The Season”


Semyon Varlamov’s LiveJournal is a curious little gem.  Started at the end of August, the Russian-language blog toiled in neglect, threatening to become like a million other abandoned bloggy homes on the blogscape.  But today, Varly posted his second entry!

Discussing his pre-season workout routine (a trend started, perhaps, by Andrew Gordon?), Varlamov tells us of his return to the states and how he filled his August.   The post, titled “Getting Ready for the Season”, is basically Varly’s How I Spent my Summer Vacation.  It goes a little something like this:

I came to the USA on August 1st. I need to be ready for this season more than usual, so I decided to start work with a trainer early. In the last month and a half I’ve gotten in good shape. I think coming was worth it.

I only started training on the ice August 15th.  Before that, I was training in a gym, on the ground, and on the soccer field. I had various training: individual and group. I like very much the training I’ve had in the last three months.

In August I trained practically alone, I was the first to arrive out of the whole team.  There wasn’t anyone from the coaching staff here, except for the physical training specialist.   Training camp time is coming; it’ll start on September 17th. Now, one week before the start of the camp, almost the whole team is here together.

Here in Washington there has been great weather during August.  On weekdays I practiced, but every weekend I tried to go to the beach, to swim, to tan. It is just three hours of ride from DC. The Atlantic Ocean turned out to be very warm. It was a very pleasant surprise for me. Physically and morally, it was a very good rest for me.

P.S. Thanks everybody for the comments and interesting questions!

Varly’s return to DC last year was marred by a lack of mental toughness (apologies for linking to Bleacher Report, won’t happen again) and the groinpocalypse.  We are heartened that Varly is primed for the upcoming season.

But where the heck was he going on the weekends?  What beach is three hours away from D.C.?  It’s gotta be Ocean City. Was Varly cruising the boardwalk, chowing down at Phillips’, and throwing back rum runners at Seacrets?  If so, why the heck didn’t anyone tell us???

Editor’s note:  Thanks to Oksana Zolotar for help with the translation!

  • Kayla

    I would have liked to have seen the Varlamonster on the beach! I wonder if anyone recognized him. And got pictures. Just saying.

  • theresa

    Virginia Beach is also 3 hours from DC. I would love to see pictures of him on the beach too. He is too cute and funny.

  • Abhi

    Va Beach is more like a solid 5 hours or so, I bet he went to Bethany

  • BClark

    VA Beach is about 3 hours. I live 30 minutes away and it takes me 2 and a half hours to get from home up to George Mason in Fairfax.