Semyon Varlamov & Matt Bradley Visit Kenmoor Elementary

Wednesday, Semyon Varlamov and Matt Bradley visited Kenmoor Elementary School in Landover, Maryland, to teach hockey to some awesomely, adorable kids. The above video details their day.

Since I know you’re wondering: No, I don’t know which part of the video I like the most. Maybe it’s when Brads temporarily forgets his own name and then mispronounces Varly’s in the introduction. Maybe it’s when Varly gets beaten cleanly stick-side by a 9 year old (perhaps selecting #1 wasn’t a good idea after all). Or maybe it’s this ridiculously cute sign.


Regardless, make sure to check out the above video. It’s “aaaaaaaaaa laht of Fun. Graaaaaaaaaate Times.”








Team Varly defeats Team Bradley. Go ahead and blame Slapshot’s goaltending all you want, Brads!


  • Fedor Fedin

    Yeah, Mr. Bradley, you pronounce “VarlAmov” wrong.

  • arakakij

    Varlamov #1 jersey!

  • That’s funny Fedor, because I was actually referring to the way he pronounced his first name. haha.

    So double whammy!

  • Mary K.

    The Caps 365 videos always have the most unusual background music.

  • Pat

    Simon Varmov? That’s what i heard hahahahahaha

  • Jessica

    Love this.
    But Varly in chanclas and a hat backwards is a no-no.

  • Sara Bae

    awww i love these signs the kids made! OOOH! and look its tjhe first time i have seen varly’s NEW JERSEY WITH A “1” on it!!!! 🙂 lol @ a little kid getting orange balls past one of the best goalies ever!

    we love the funny things that our fave caps fans wear but nothing is funnier than last week when varly was wearing acid washed tight shorts and white crocs with socks and yes…the backwards hat was included! ahahahaha

    p.s. is it just me or does varly look like “hey arnold! ‘s” HELGA?? lolol