Who is on Peter’s New Caps Jersey?

Peter opening his present.

On Saturday night, RMNB had a little outing in Frederick, Maryland, Peter’s and my hometown.  We planned on a night of crackling creative energy and revolutionary ideas for the new season. Turns out we just ate terrible bar food, heard a worse bar band, drank too much Flying Dog, and played some NHL ’11. Go figure. Even though nothing was accomplished, we did manage to get one thing right: we gave Peter a new jersey (ew, New Jersey) as a thank-you for all his hard work last year.

Peter hasn’t had a Caps jersey since a Dale Hunter when he was little, so I thought a new, customized sweater would be the perfect gift. The only question was: Which player would be on his back?

If you assumed it’d be Ovechkin, Semin, or Varly, then you don’t know Pete.  Last year, the guy couldn’t shut up about the one game that defined the Capitals season: The 7-4 shellacking from the Tampa Bay Lightning. After that game, the Caps embarked on their franchise record 14-game winning streak and went on to win the President’s Trophy with an 8-point lead.

The highlight of that game:

So in honor of that I got him a jersey of…

Matt Bradley!!

Matt Bradley!!!

But this isn’t an ordinary Brads jersey. One of my dear friends, Suzanne, works close to Kettler and offered to get the jersey signed. I thought, “Wow. That would make it even sweeter!”

When I got the jersey back, sure enough it was signed, but it also had the most epic personalization of all time. OMG.

Matt Bradley Signed Jersey

Can you read what it says?

Let’s take a closer look…

It reads: To Peter I'd fight for you too! Matt Bradley 10

"To Peter I'd fight for you too! Matt Bradley 10"

Peter is now wearing the thing to bed, in the shower, to business meetings, and to traffic court. He spilled some broccoli and cheddar soup on it, but he licked it off quickly and enthusiastically. Too enthusiastically. We’re becoming concerned. The next RMNB outing will probably be an intervention.

Peter doing his best Bradley pose.

Peter doing his best Bradley pose.

Thank you to Matt Bradley, Peter’s favorite Caps player since Chris Simon, for being such a good sport.  Suzanne didn’t have to drop any names or cash in any RMNB favors to get the autograph; he just did it ’cause he’s a nice guy.  When Brads signed the jersey, he did say, “Psh! I would never do that.”  So they’re just empty words after all.  Please don’t let Peter know that though.  He’s planning on starting a bar fight at Front Page next time Matt is there.

Between the jersey and his new voicemail greeting from The Voice of the Capitals, Wes Johnson, Peter’s had a good run of it lately.  Someone please take him down a peg.  He’s unbearable.

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  • amberlynne

    That is so awesome! Just when I think Brads can’t get any more amazing, he does something like this.

  • Bobbielynn

    That’s very awesome. Brads is such a great guy. I’m very jealous of Peter for having that jersey.

  • breaklance


    Well I don’t think Peter needs any more brads haha.

    Brads witt and humor never cease to amaze.

  • Brad

    SO JELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve_R

    Brads is the best.

  • I have a Matt Bradley road jersey and when I asked him to sign it two years ago his first words to me were “Nobody has a Matt Bradley jersey!” He was so excited. He actually went and showed Poti and ShaMo the jersey. It was epic.

    I love this man so much, I named my kitten after him. Professor Bradley the cat is just as willing to fight as Professor Bradley the player. My son met him after practice one day last year and as he was getting his jersey signed he told Brads “My mom named our kitten after you.” Brads said “I think the cat’s probably smarter than me.” My son replied ‘That’s okay, you’re less of a dick than the cat is”. Brads about fell over laughing.

    Brads + Brooks + Ovie = my holy trinity of hockey

  • BobbyG

    @Bumper: that’s a mighty fine holy trinity. I’m almost tempted to go back to church for worship LOL.

  • That is really, truly fantastic.

  • iwearstripes

    This sets a new bar for awesomeness.

  • Ah, luck-yyy!

    I don’t even know where Brads gets underwear to fit those balls.

  • Fantastic! That is what friends are for.

    I’ve got a similar story in that my Mom, who was a nurse in Bowie at the time, sutured up Keith Jones once…and get me an autograph on a scrap of paper during the process.

    Way to go 10!

  • Heidi

    That is awesome! Great gift and it’s so cool that Brads signed it!

  • @mcawful: one of the best comments and deliveries I’ve seen anywhere in a long time. Nice.

  • Fedor Fedin

    And I have never had a Caps jersey… You know what does it mean, Ian? LOL, kidding 😉

  • Peter

    Once again, mcawful wins the comments thread.

  • Brindie

    next time i call, dont answer so i can speak to your new announcer voice man secretary. ps coming to get camera tomorrow.

  • Bruce S

    Thats was top shelf Brads! Hope you have a career year! and i wish i had that sweater, good stuff… LETS GO CAPS!!!!! damn do i miss the VC cant wait for the first home pre-season game….