Read Neil Greenberg’s Debut with WaPo

Neil Greenberg's debut with WaPo

A year ago, you might have known Neil Greenberg only for his razor-sharp analysis on 5ive Hole, but the most controversial acquisition during the season last year might have been Neil’s signing with RMNB.  Since then, he’s become the Examiner’s hockey photographer of record, the Washington Post’s hockey statistics nerd, and Samantha Casey’s new BFF.

Capitals Insider posted Neil’s first file today, an incisive piece comparing Karl Alzner and John Carlson to their predecessors.  With the exception of the Carlzner portmanteau, it’s a huge success.  Please, go read the piece and leave him some love in the comments.

No excuse not to read the article when there’s a link this big.

Congratulations, Neil.  Please don’t forget the little people.

  • It’s unfortunate that the WaPo commentariat have turned the comments section of Neil’s well-written, well-thought-out article into an “sgm3 vs. cstanton1” bashfest (as most articles on WaPo tend to turn into, which is why I haven’t been reading Capitals Insider for the last several months). Unfortunately, the impressive content of this article may just be over the heads of a lot of the Post’s readers, and I’m not sure most of the rest of them really care enough to step outside their little world of “I’ve been to more hockey games than you have, so I’m a better, more knowledgeable, more hockier-than-thou so-and-so, and nyah-nyah-ne-nyaaah-nyah” to actually spend some time thinking about the content of the article, the upshot of which is that Alzner and Carlson, with expected DGVT of around 3.5, are an improvement over Corvo and Morrisonn, at a lower price tag, which is good news all around!

    The only thing I’d say about the article itself – and Neil, you did a great job on it! – is that while there’s a good explanation of DGVT that can be found by following a link to another site, a brief synopsis of what it is, how it’s measured, and what it shows would have been good to include in the article, as many of the Post’s readers don’t tend to follow links in the middle of a paragraph. Also, DGVT is an acronym, and I don’t see it defined in the main article. But the information is great, and I was very intrigued by it – intrigued enough to go chasing down the “WTF is DGVT anyway?” article. Very cool stuff!

    But since from reading the comments over on WaPo I see that it’s a continuation of the last six months worth of sniping and not much else, I will say THANK YOU to Neil for writing this interesting piece from over here, where he’ll not have to sift through a pile of ugly snark to see that your article’s appreciated, at least by one Caps fan. 🙂

  • Peter Hassett

    Thank you for the thoughtful comment, IRockTheRed. I assure you that I have no idea what sgm3 and cstanton1 are. I am therefore immune and above the debate.

  • Thanks for pointing it out and I did post as requested. Will he still contribute here as well?

  • Tim

    As a Caps fan who doesn’t know much about some of the less common stats (such as DGVT), I would make a suggestion pretty much like IRockTheRed did. I don’t see anything saying what DGVT actually is or what it’s relevance is, For the average fan, that would be extremely helpful. Other than that, great article, and I look forward to seeing more!! I just don’t plan to read the comments.

  • @IRTR and Tim: Thank you for the thoughtful comments. You’re right, I prob should have explained DGVT a little more thoroughly and will make sure I do in the future.

    @RossH: I saw your comment on the WaPo site – thank you! And unfortunately I WILL still be posting here on a regular basis. Apologies in advance. If RMNB doesn’t unfollow me on Twitter again that is…


  • Neil, I have to apologize for the snipers on WaPo. Those idiots have been going at each other for months now – since the end of last season. I just called them out on it, so I’m looking for my asbestos underpants, but I really appreciate the article and all the work you put into it. Thanks again!

  • Sherry

    @irockthered I noticed that too, the arguing but they do it on all WaPo comment pages, not just Caps stuff…its horrible

    Great Job Neil!!!

  • GotSparkly

    Those two and their various hangers-on make me want to toss a measuring tape on the table and leave the room.

    Great article, Neil. I just wish those tards understood it or could be bothered to comment on it.

  • CapsFan1975

    I enjoyed reading your article in the Post, Neil. I’ll admit I have a hard time with some of CStanton’s comments as he generally has never had anything positive to say about the Caps. Yes, the team’s got weaknesses but….