The Many Emotions of Bruce Boudreau

Bruce Boudreau and the Magic Hockey Stick

Bruce Boudreau is a complex man. A man who has played nearly 20 years of professional hockey, won a Jack Adams award and has helped local businesses by appearing in their commercials. While taking photos for the Washington Capitals Examiner this past weekend, I got to know the man on a deeper level.

First, I met Happy-go-lucky-Bruce:

Happy-go-lucky Bruce

Then practice started and I met On-looker Bruce:

On-looker Bruce

Uh-oh, “Why are you out of position?” Bruce showed up. Pleased to meet you.

Out-of-position Bruce

“I heard that!” Bruce:

I heard that Bruce

“I’ll kick you out of Kettler!” Bruce:

Kick you out Bruce

“Go ahead. Make my day” Bruce:

Make my day Bruce

“Naw. I’m just kidding with you” Bruce:

Kidding Bruce

And since I know you’re wondering: No, not all of these looks were directed at one individual player. Though if they were, I’m sure we could both guess who it’d be.

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