Dmitri Orlov Holds the MHL Playoffs MVP

On September 16th, Dmitri Orlov was awarded the Vitaly Davydov Trophy for being the MVP of last year’s MHL Playoffs. As we detailed last spring, Dima had 19 points in 17 games (10G, 9A) and lead all MHL defenseman in scoring. He even won the award despite the Novokuznetsk Bears losing in the Kharlamov Cup Finals. In a special ceremony before the Bears Home opener against the Auto Ekaterinburg, Orlov was presented the trophy in front of the team’s fans.

We here at RMNB would get all analytical and compare Orlov to the previous award-winners to find the relevance in all of this, but last year was the MHL’s first year of existence. So there goes that. But how about the trophy? Well The Davydov is unique because unlike other cups, it’s made using a special style of ceramics called Gzhel. Gzhel is a traditional style of pottery and is very popular with tourists in Moscow.

Anyways, the MHL’s official web site posted an interview with the future Cap after the trophy presentation and RMNB has it translated for you below.

Dmitri Orlov: Honestly, I didn’t think I’d win this award. But it’s a very pleasant surprise for sure. I got to know that I became the playoffs MVP accidentally – my parents read about it in the Web and told me. I was either at [Caps Development] camp or on vacation, I don’t remember.

Mikhail Frunze: Did the award somehow smooth over the loss in the Kharlamov Cup Finals?
DO: No, you can’t compare the two, because the team’s result is always the most important.

MF: How often do you think about the playoffs and what were your feelings?
DO: I did replay the finals in my mind for a long time. Probably, more than a week. I felt uncomfortable. I got back to myself only during vacation. And now it’s a new season, new goals.

MF: About the goals: What are yours for this season?
DO: The most important one is to play for Team Russia on the World Junior Championships and fight for the medals there. We played bad last year. And, for sure, I should make the KHL playoffs with Metallurg, we have a good team, I think we can.

MF: How do you grade the start of the season for you personally?
DO: You always want to play better. We’re ready, we feel good. We help each other, cheer up. But we lost the first two games. In the third we won over CSKA in the shootout, earned two points and that was a very important win.

MF: During the camp in Switzerland three more Novokuznetsk Bears — Konstantin Turukin, Ilya Musin and Igor Glazkov, joined the KHL team. How did that go?
DO: Very good, we had great talks and there was no “violence against younger conscripts” [Ed. Note: In Russia the whole sentence is described by one word].

MF: Do you think this season will be easier or harder for the Bears?
DO: It’s a new one, and it’s difficult to say. Guys are getting ready for the season, they’re revving up. When the playoffs come, it’ll be different games. And the first MHL season showed it.

  • Tim

    This kid is the real deal – I saw him at Kettler at rookie camp this summer and was very impressed. He reminded me of a young Brian Leetch, very quick feet, stout and powerful, and very heads-up. I can not wait to see Orlov in a Caps jersey!