Caps Superfan Goat Featured In This Month’s Maxim

Anna Kournikova... in 3D

Anna Kournikova... in 3D. Yummy.

If you needed further proof that the apocalypse is indeed near, then check out the newest Maxim! In their October issue, not only can you marvel at Anna Kournikova and her wondrous curves in 3D, you can also read up on Caps Superfan Goat!

For those who have no idea who he is (how did you find our blog?), here’s the jumbotron video the Caps produced of him a few years ago:

Below the jump, we’ve transcribed the article he’s been featured in and included a scan of the page. You know, for the people who would never buy this kinda smut in a million years (Dan Steinberg).

Bob Gertenrich hasn’t skipped a Blackhawks home game in 44 years. The Green Men in Vancouver wear full-body spandex suits to every game and taunt opposing players. And in D.C. there’s 35-year-old William Stillwell, a.k.a. Goat, a man so damn loud the Caps made him a Jumbotron fixture to amp up the crowd.

What happens to you at Caps games?
It’s like an alter ego. As soon as I take my seat, there’s a massive adrenaline boost. I got a little upset once and broke the railing next to my seat.

How loud are you?
Last year a reporter asked about me, and Brooks [Laich] said, “Oh, yeah, we can hear that guy on the bench.”

Have you always been loud?
I grew up watching Redskins games with my dad, and the joke in the neighborhood was that no one needed TV – they could just open their windows and tell how the game was going.

Yes, you read that right. Goat's Featured in this month's Maxim.

Special thanks to Stevie K. for doing the uhhhh, dirty work? and purchasing the magazine. He assures us that “[he] does not get maxim willingly and [he] do not read it.” Liar.

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  • BobbyG

    Thanks for the scan of the article about Bill Stilwell a.k.a. Goat. Yes, I’m one of those who would never buy Maxim in a million years LOL! Anna Kournikova and her curves? Yawn… I suppose Stevie K. should be commended for doing the, ahem, dirty work for us. ROFL! 🙂

  • Tim

    I love that guy!! He sits right beneath me. Even when sat on the other side of the arena for a couple games, I could STILL hear him.

  • Adam

    Good press! Maybe I missed it in the promo video, but does anyone know how he got the nickname Goat?

  • Adam – Steinz wrote about this a few years ago. Check it out:

  • Adam

    Thanks for posting that link. It’s a great story that he was born the same year as the Caps and he has definitely become an integral part of home games. A true fan indeed. I hope Uncle Ted keeps his voice well maintained with all the free tea and water he needs!

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing him and the rest of the Caps faithful at the phonebooth in less than a week.

  • William “Goat” Stilwell

    Thanks for posting this! I still haven’t tracked down a copy, so it was nice to finally see it. Heh! And thanks for the good words, gang.

  • Flipper

    I could be wrong, but I’m fairly certain that picture linked to his name in the article is not actually Goat.