New Varly Blog Post: A Little About American Life


Semyon Varlamov, fresh off his 20-save night in Columbus, has just blogged another bloggy blog. In today’s installment, the Varlamonster discusses assimilating to the USA, his new English-language chops, fan enthusiasm, and the KHL.


Hi everybody!

Thanks for the questions and kind wishes. I’ll answer some on here now.

I like living in the USA. I feel more and more comfortable each year because now I understand and speak English better. If you’re not pretty good in the language, it can be hard. You can’t talk to the teammates, answer questions, or find solutions for problems. In general, you feel some discomfort. I felt it for two years. But now my English is getting better, and I don’t feel that way anymore.

You know that people in Canada are hockey geeks. Everybody knows the players, every taxi driver. People in USA love hockey, too.  Our fans are awesome and we sell out every game. But I think hockey is the number four sport in popularity after baseball, football, and basketball. People don’t recognize me on the streets, and crazy fans don’t pursue me [Ed. note – We’re not sure how to translate smiley face emoticons from Russian, but there was one here]. Unlike Sasha Ovechkin or Sasha Semin. If they played for a Canadian team, fans on the street wouldn’t let up. When we go there for  road games, people are just going crazy.  Everybody tries to get an autograph.

I don’t follow the KHL closely; I just don’t have the time. But a lot of my friends are playing there. And it’s interesting for me to see how are they doing. I look at the box scores and read articles about the games.  It’s interesting to follow the goalies who come from the North America – Nabokov, Danis, Caron. It’s clear they’re still adapting to the new rinks. It can be really difficult. Especially knowing that the hockey is different there, too. They need some time to adapt.

  • i just want to cuddle him. ha! is that wrong?

  • I really wish I could pull up the Russian language blog here at work, but it’s blocked. 🙁 Poodles. The English language translation is cool, though.

  • BobbyG

    I know sometimes things that are said in one language can get lost in translation, but here Varly’s boundless energy and enthusiasm for hockey and the Caps shine through. I’m guessing the smiley face emoticon in the original Russian posting was Varly’s attempt at an LOL for his comment about “crazy fans” not recognizing him to pursue him on the street. To which I will add my own LOL 🙂

  • Nastenku

    Here’s a new interview Varly gave to a Russian newspaper Sovsport
    Do you have anyone to translate?

  • AB
  • @ nikkidecoy: I wanna put Backstrom in a onesie and feed him strained carrots. There must be drugs that can help us.

  • I would recoginze Varly on the street and I would probably talk to him. Even though he would probably just classify me as another of those fat American girls.

    I saw Brashear once at Ballston mall and totally froze. He was very imposing up close. I was heading for the same door he was heading for and then just basically stopped in front of the door because I was so startled to see him. I think he thought I was functionally retarded.

  • Varlys#1fan

    I can’t believe Varly said crazy fans don’t stalk him – at every Caps event, I flag him down! not crazy obsessive stalking of course, just…well, okay. i’m a little obsessed, but that’s just because i think he’s awesome 🙂